Flytipping update?

Our alleyway is blocked off by this pile of rubbish that a builder has moved off his land. I have reported it to my council a few times over the last few weeks. I haven’t chased it up as much as I could because of my sisters death. I hope it will be moved soon as it is preventing my neighbours access to the back of their properties. I think it’s disgusting that someone can just tip this and not face some form of action. Apparently the flats he has been working on are due to be shown on a TV housing auction show! Perhaps if he is paid an appearance fee he can use it to pay to clear up his mess!

Mourning and bereavement

When you lose someone it is complex and confusing. Especially when it is a sudden event. First there is disbelief, and that keeps flooding back. I keep wanting to talk to the person who is gone. Then I swear at them! Angry with them. Asking why did it happen? It’s unbelievable and shattering. Everything is on hold, I can’t decide what to do for the best. I’ve talked to lots of people, shared some of my feelings. I hope that’s the right thing to do. Life seems bad at the moment but at least I’m still trying to cope. Sleep is another problem. If you see me here late at night I might just be trying to take my mind off things.

🇷🇺 Did you know?

Dear Russia. Do you know that your country has flattened and demolished several towns and cities in Ukraine?

That ten MILLION PEOPLE mostly women and children have fled Ukraine in fear of their lives? ABOUT A QUARTER OF UKRAINES POPULATION!

That children and babies have been maimed and killed?

That an art school where 400 people were sheltering was destroyed yesterday?

That Russia is boasting it is using hyper sonic weapons and other vile technology to bombard its way to victory.

Why? Would you be happy if your women and children were fleeing? Your grandmother’s and grandfather’s being attacked. Put yourself in Ukraines shoes.

Putin must stop.

Cat pays rent!

Our outdoor, now indoor boy cat (seen sleeping here) seems to think he’s obliged to pay rent for staying here! It is quite upsetting when he brings small rodents like shrews and mice in. Sometimes we manage to rescue them. I hate it when he has a mouse moustache! I’m trying to teach him not to do it, but mostly I shout and tell him off and he looks bewildered (and bewhiskered).

Last night was mad. The mouse he bought in escaped into the bathroom but we managed to get it out by shutting our three cats in the kitchen and opening the back door. Since the bathroom is downstairs it was just a short run out for the mouse. The cats were contented with some cat food and we breathed a sigh of relief. I hope it doesn’t happen again soon!

I’m lost


On New year’s eve, without announcement, suddenly my phone version of WordPress switched over to block editor. But I like the classic version. I know how to use it. The new version looks childish somehow. Too simplified? There is something about it that upsets me. It’s not what I chose. It doesn’t look right. I don’t need massive icons to see what I’m doing. It feels dumbed down.

And why change it without asking? No notification…. On a busy day. The last of 2020, with a million things to do. The last thing I need is to have to relearn what I’m doing here. WORDPRESS PLEASE NOTE : I’M A BLOGGER NOT AN EDITOR. AND I DON’T LIKE NASTY LITTLE SURPRISES. Who decides these things anyway? I pay enough for my plan not to be messed up about! Happy NEW Year for tomorrow. Don’t spring anything else like this on me, PLEASE!



I’m hungry, only had breakfast today, my hubby isn’t interested. He had a big meal and doesn’t want anything, but I’m hungry. Went to the fridge, he’s already eaten something I had bought for both of us. He’s eaten both portions. I told him he’s a black hole, engulfing everything edible in sight.

I have some fresh beetroot and I’m thinking of making hummus with it, with some brown bread. But I have to cook it. He doesn’t really cook, he can do boiled egg on toast. The trouble is I have been so disappointed by his cooking that I take over. Its worrying because if anything happens to me will he cope? So anyway, I’m fed up (not fed). I feel like going on strike!


Car wing mirror


Went out this morning and someone had kicked off my drivers side wing mirror. I know it was kicked off as that side was next to the pavement. I’d heard a thud outside last night which may have been it happening about 2.30am this morning.

I only noticed it as I was driving away, I looked into my mirror only to see the pillar of the door instead of the road behind me. I have my suspicions as to who did it but I’m not saying who as I don’t want to stir up trouble for myself.

It’s part of life but it is very annoying. Just something else to sort out.