Need to catch up


What’s happened? I’ve been ill again and I haven’t had the energy or will to draw. I’m behind on these prompts. I have ideas but the sketchpad is across the room and I can’t make myself go and pick it up. I think I’m a bit overwhelmed. I don’t think the cold, wet, grey weather we have been having has helped. Shivering and shaking is not conducive to drawing and sketching. Oh I must not moan, but sometimes you just get stuck. Bad mood and memories don’t help, I guess I’m a bit blocked in my creativity. Sunshine might help.


Flytipping update?

Our alleyway is blocked off by this pile of rubbish that a builder has moved off his land. I have reported it to my council a few times over the last few weeks. I haven’t chased it up as much as I could because of my sisters death. I hope it will be moved soon as it is preventing my neighbours access to the back of their properties. I think it’s disgusting that someone can just tip this and not face some form of action. Apparently the flats he has been working on are due to be shown on a TV housing auction show! Perhaps if he is paid an appearance fee he can use it to pay to clear up his mess!


I keep getting messages on my Instagram account that I have won an iPhone. The trouble is I don’t want one and I’m fed up after a couple of months of being spammed. I will never click on a link. I’m not daft, I’m not tempted, I will keep blocking the posters. I think I’ve had fifteen or twenty messages so far. If I’d won that many (from all different peoples Instagram accounts) I could make a great deal of money selling them all. But I’m NOT INTERESTED. I keep blocking them and reporting them. OK that’s enough, I’ll stop spamming you xxx



What do you do when someone asks you to share something on social media and you disagree?

So you message back to say you cannot share it, the idea is wrong, it’s based on fake news. You attempt to say no politely, and point out reasons why you can’t agree.

The person messages back and after some patronising thoughts, swears at you.

You come back with more information from a reliable source. Another abusive reply.

I’ve known this person for several years. I have never been spoken to in that way by the person before. My thoughts are they must strongly believe what they are saying. They must care or they wouldn’t share. But what they are asking me to pass on makes no sense. After another exchange where they were rude and patronising again…

I blocked them.



Filters. How many? I think about five in my vacuum cleaner. All of them get blocked up. So when you come to clean them out you have to clear each one. Having long hair and cats doesn’t help. Our old cleaner was a lot more efficient and needed less maintenance. I guess the twists and turns dust has to follow through the machine, causes the blockages, like blood clots in a branching venous system. Not to mention… Hubby’s socks that get left in odd places and cause more problems! Argh!