Pattern made from tree branches manipulated digitally. I could list all the steps but that might be boring. I like adding different steps to see what the outcome is. I have saved a lot of these on Instagram @mallabandbrown

I add a lot of art there and here, it’s always there. I may not be painting a great deal but I do like playing with patterns. What I want to do is print out some of them but they didn’t look good on ordinary paper, the ink sunk in and was not very glossy. Perhaps I should use photographic paper?

Spooky self portrait

Late night self portrait. Playing with filters on photodirector and Instagram. Trying to get the exposure right so it was dark enough but the highlights on my eyes, nose and mouth stood out. It looks almost wooden, like a ventriloquists dummy. I could have looked out from the photo but I think that would have creeped me out more!

Facebook down?

Fed up? You might be. Apparently Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp have been down for the last five hours. The link to them has somehow severed. Am I bothered? Not really, I’ve got lots I can do and it’s nice to have a break from social media. I’m one of the older people using it, so while it’s good to chat (and blog) I’m no influencer and I’m not bothered about not being able to shout into the blank abyss. I went back to choir practice after two weeks tonight. I enjoyed it. Reality beats digital!


I love using mirroring to change how a photo looks. You can do it vertically (top), horizontally (middle) or both (bottom).

I called them ‘Westport mirrored’, ‘I see frogs’ and ‘stained glass westport’.

I used the layout app which can be used to post images to both Facebook and Instagram. I’m on Instagram @mallabandbrown or #mallabandbrown (I never know which it is!) if you want to see more of my art.



When I’m drawing, whether it’s in analogue, or as here digitally, I love to play and mess about. Why stick with one idea? After I’d drawn this I decided to put it through a another a called sketch and I added the cracks. Finally I duplicated it in Layout and changed the filter when I posted it to my Instagram account.