Things to do


The world is full of bored people. One of the things to do that was posted on Facebook is to close your eyes and choose a book at random. Find page 109  go to the third paragraph and post the first sentence you come to. Also include the author and book title.

Mine was : The radar maps show features of all kinds. (Patrick Moore’s Astronomy), ( teach yourself book)

isbn 978-1-444-10313-7

It’s random, but something to do…..

Pinch pot

Sitting at the exhibition yesterday I was starting to get bored. There was some clay available and as I didn’t feel like actually throwing a pot I decided to do a pinch pot instead.

What is a pinch pot? You just hollow out a small lump of clay then pinch it so it gets thinner and thinner walls. I didn’t use any water, so as I stretched and pinched the pot it started to split and crack. I used a broken pencil to make tiny indentations all over the surface, making larger dents around the rim.

It turned into an irregular, ugly little pot. But I might get it fired and glaze it with oxides. I might do more to go with it.