Odd cat

When I put my finger next to one of my cats, instead of nuzzling he’s started to bite and chew it. I don’t know why? He will sit and Starr at my finger then grab it and chew! And it’s not like he’s hungry, he’s got lots of food. Maybe he likes the texture of my fingernail. It’s not too painful, he’s not broken the skin, it just seems like odd behaviour. He used to rub his head against my finger or hand, but as I say this is now happening. Any ideas? Is it boredom, is it because he’s trying to be dominant? Do I think if I die he will be one of those cats that survived on my corpse? Help!

Cowboy films

Just lately my hubby has started watching a lot of cowboy films that I really do not enjoy very much. Yes there are occasions when something comes on the TV which I think is interesting (like Dances with Wolves), but mainly I get bored with them. The old ones are very formulaic and modern ones are very violent and brutal. What’s the point of watching them. They are not my history, and yet there are so many of them. I’d like to watch a decent film about British history occasionally. I do realise that Hollywood has a huge influence over the world. But the constant pushing of gun slinging, murdering, bandits and corrupt government officials just bores and depresses me. Guns are not a solution, they are weapons that should be locked away. Gunfight films just perpetuate the dangers of them.


Sitting waiting for my hubby while he was at an appointment. All the angles and layers made it an interesting view to draw. I got bored with looking at my phone and listening to ‘easy listening’ radio. I added colour when I got home. I also tried to draw a garden chair that was in the courtyard and looked a bit chunky.

I’m bored

Fed up with being ill. Not Covid, but a cold/ chest infection. But I’m getting bored. I feel trapped but that might be a good thing. Perhaps I’m getting better?

Sundays used to be boring when I was a child. Nowhere was open, shops shut, nothing really to visit. If you ran out of milk you could not buy any. Memory of a different world. Time changes things. Then I was waiting for fruit salad with evaporated milk with bread and butter for tea. Watching my mom and dad doing the washing in a boiler in the kitchen that had a mangle on the top and an old spin dryer to get most of the water out. While they did that we played in the garden. Unless the weather was bad. Then I would read a book, or draw. Maybe it wasn’t all that boring?

Things to do


The world is full of bored people. One of the things to do that was posted on Facebook is to close your eyes and choose a book at random. Find page 109  go to the third paragraph and post the first sentence you come to. Also include the author and book title.

Mine was : The radar maps show features of all kinds. (Patrick Moore’s Astronomy), ( teach yourself book)

isbn 978-1-444-10313-7

It’s random, but something to do…..

Pinch pot

Sitting at the exhibition yesterday I was starting to get bored. There was some clay available and as I didn’t feel like actually throwing a pot I decided to do a pinch pot instead.

What is a pinch pot? You just hollow out a small lump of clay then pinch it so it gets thinner and thinner walls. I didn’t use any water, so as I stretched and pinched the pot it started to split and crack. I used a broken pencil to make tiny indentations all over the surface, making larger dents around the rim.

It turned into an irregular, ugly little pot. But I might get it fired and glaze it with oxides. I might do more to go with it.