Sad today

Oh, I don’t know what is wrong with me, I just feel sad. I’m fed up with things, the cat has got another appointment at the vets. I think I need to see them too! My shoulder aches, although the exercises I’m doing really are helping. I just want to talk to someone new, or an old friend, but I don’t want to bother them with my worries. I find myself staying indoors, keeping myself to myself, ignoring my hubby who comes up with grandiose ideas and I can’t keep up with him. Anyway enough moaning… Take care everyone. Have a good weekend.

I hide myself away…


Here, behind this computer screen, I hide myself away,  within the social media that connects us day to day. ..

I am in contact with the world which all around me spins, and yet I am so far away, real life no longer wins.

My mind I linked to apps and sites, I have to get my fix,           of whiz bang colours, cats and dogs and all those selfie pics.

My eyes see you on glass and chrome, my fingers tap the keys, you see me on your 4G phone. There is no known release.

I’m trapped within this modern fun, and never see the sun,  nor move where air is fresh and free, my life’s a lonely one.