Having a quiet day


Somehow I’ve ended up watching a Disney film today. I’ve tried to do a bit of tidying up too. I haven’t just been completely lazy. But it’s been one of those wet, miserable days, when you look out of the window and the world seems to be crying. So you just want to cuddle up and stay warm.

I’ve got things to do, but it’s been nice to have a rest. Life carries on, I’ll do things tomorrow. I need to shop, I need to do more tidying, and I need to paint.




I’ve missed singing for the last couple of weeks, one choir I’m in breaks up for the summer and the leader of the other is away on holiday. I love the boost singing gives me. It releases endorphins which improve your mood and helps lower stress. What prompted this was hearing an item on a radio programme where choirs who have a complaint about something ( like the price of fuel?) get together and write a song about the issue then sing it out. The idea is you sing cheerfully but express your complaint. Apparently this is happening all over the world. The item was on BBC radio 4 and may be on the BBC sounds app.