Found card

I found this in a pile of old letters a few days ago. We knew exactly who to send it to, a very old friend who comes from the south west. It’s about the Bodmin, Wadebridge and Padstow railway.

The railway line was very curved, the corners were tight, so very few engines could travel along it. It was closed to passengers in the 1930s. It was one of the earliest railways and only very short wheelbased engines could used it. It was mainly used for transportation of China clay across Bodmin moor in Cornwall to Plymouth. The track bed was laid with a camber so the engines could get round the curves. The engines were 240 Beattie Well tanks. They were usde to lower the centre of gravity (Information courtesy of my hubby).

Garden nine years ago

We had lots of aqualegias and tulips, geraniums, and alliums. The photos just popped up on my Facebook page. I forgot how much the trees have grown up in the intervening years. We are cutting some of the branches back, to let more light in. The photos were a bit blurred but it was good to see them. Gardening is a lovely pastime. When you get results like this it makes the work worthwhile.

Developing tulips

The top left tulip and bottom right are both the same type, but the top left one has developed and the colour is coming out. The other still has a green tinge. The top left is a different, more rounded type, but there is a yellow throat to it. Finally the bottom left was a larger pale pink flower. I’m loving the way they are developing.

Our woody garden

A few photos from our garden today. It’s suddenly filled with life and colour. Big bumble bees fly around the cherry and pear blossoms. Hopefully we will get a good crop again. Old red geraniums have colonised the garden. We bought three plants from the Dorothy Clive garden a few years ago. White wild garlic flowers are opening and spreading under the trees, and Spanish bluebells from my grandma’s garden are loving the early spring shade. Birds sing, blackbirds are starting to nest and the Robin flits around looking for food. I’m happy to be out in the dappled shade next to a busy road. The shelter of the trees calms me.

Odd fungi

These are growing at the base of an old dead tree. I have no idea what they are. There is another lot a bit closer in to the tree which may be small shaggy inkcaps

All around everything is coming to life. I will post more photos later of blossom and bluebells (sadly the Spanish type which hybridises with English ones) but we keep them as they were from my grandma’s garden. We also have patches of wild garlic coming into flower….

Cat dominoes

The cats make me laugh

By the splodges on their paws, I could play cat dominoes. I couldn’t do it physically, but my cats have blobs and spots so you could line up photos of them so you get two next to two and three next to three. It’s a silly idea I know, but they have sweet markings. I think black and white cats really are my favourite. Nothing posh. Just Jellicals cats.. A poem by TS Elliott, about cats coming out to play….

Unidentified Flying bush?

The way the winds blowing I could see this flying past my window!

It’s actually four collaged photos. If you take a photo with an interesting corner you can create images of things apparently floating in mid air. I didn’t take the picture deliberately to do that, it was more about the pinks and oranges of the sky…

Mixed up phone photos

I decided to free up a bit of space on my phone yesterday as I was on over 90% full. I really need to get more memory on my phone as I have over 3,000 images. The trouble is when I optimise and delete photos it resets the date on them so sometimes they all reorder themselves and jump around in my gallery until they settle down. Then I end up with a lot of duplicated photos and I have to go in and delete the duplications, and I also try and edit the others and try and delete more of the ones I don’t like. I hope you don’t have these problems!

The featured image is a painting of frost on canvas where I edited it in a filter to change the colours. It just popped up in my photo gallery.

Making a world

Not satellite images. These are photos of my washing up bowl with the cold water tap running and a little bit of washing up liquid added. The bright patch and the dark curves are the sky and plant leaves reflected in the surface of the water and the running tap gave swirls and vortices that made the slight foam look like swirling clouds.