Craft stall

For the first time in about 18 months I put a few paintings up for sale on my craft stall. These included the paintings I did yesterday and some from the last few years. There are a lot of varied images and ideas. I used to be able to paint almost anything but since I’ve developed a shake in my arm I’ve found it more and more difficult to paint accurately. I’m frustrated but I won’t give up yet. Maybe I will get some treatment? Hope so.

Jack of all trades

I looked at all my book cases and realised how eclectic my reading must be. I’m not sure exactly how many booked I have but I gave up counting after I reached over 1000.

Sci-fi, science (biology, chemistry, physics) novels, biography, art, graphics, illustration, history, old books, new books, even magic Eye books from a couple of decades ago.

Can your reading be too chaotic? I’ve got a book about chaos theory… There are a few cookery books and travel books. There are books that were Christmas presents, birthday presents, and ones I bought for my college course. Too many? I don’t know….

Tired from painting


I’ve been painting a lot over the last few days. I was up till 5am, went to bed but then got up at 11am so I’m really tired. I thought I would take a photo of what I’ve been doing. You can see the contrasts in size. When I took this photo I didn’t know the kingfisher would be sold two hours later. It’s now at a good friend’s. I’ve been asleep half the evening. I wish I had more energy.

As you can see my ideas are many and varied. I was going to do a craft fair this weekend but decided against it as I don’t think it’s safe enough and I’m not happy to risk being out in public. Hopefully I will be able to do another one. Also it’s not a good idea to sell you stock prior to an event. I’m going to do some more but I need a decent night’s sleep!



Value pack. When you are creating art it’s good to use quality paints but I don’t spend too much on canvas. I’m not being mean, the stretched canvases are serviceable. It’s just that I’m not made of money but I want to paint.

Plans for future pictures:

Green men and women,

Winter men and women (images within trees)

Astronomical objects from moons and planets to novae and Galaxies.

Animal and human portraits, perhaps integrated with nature.


As you can see I’m planning to use a lot of canvas…..

Final day of solo show


My final solo show day at the waiting room gallery is tomorrow, 22nd September 2019. Its open from 12noon to I think 5pm.

Im hoping people that couldn’t get to the opening will come along tomorrow.

It’s near Longport Station (which is being restored) and is a great new artist led gallery. I’m hoping to sort out some prints with them so they will have artwork for sale with them after the show has ended.

So that’s The Waiting Room Gallery, Longport, ST6 4ND. Maybe see you there. x