No craft stalls

Craft stalls are not happening at the moment but I’m not that good at doing them, but I do miss them. Not only talking to fellow stall holders, but catching the eyes of people passing by and saying hi, hello, how are you?

I’m not good at selling, I get nervous, I don’t want to push. I don’t like being false and over friendly. I could start selling things on line, but they would have to be bespoke, I can’t make thousands of objects.

Currently I’m trying to come up with ideas for a 3d artefact for my college course. I have an idea that I might be able to make or get manufactured. But I need to think about sustainability and ecological issues. Got to do a presentation tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Today was fun

Long day again, but it was good to see new people, a lot of the purchases of my tiny paintings were children asking their parents to buy them pictures of angels and snowmen that I’d done.

There were printing, stamp designs for Christmas paper, and Christmas ornament making workshops at the waiting room gallery. Everyone seemed to have fun.

There was also Walnut cake, Lemon drizzle cake and scones to delight the customers.

Yes, all in all, a good weekend.


Craft fair today

This is why I’ve been missing today. I enjoy doing craft fairs but not on a regular basis.

I’ve not done badly today. But it is a lot of messing around and carting stuff about to be able to display your art. There is also the time it takes to get everything out then packed back away at the end of the day. We had some heavy wooden trestle tables, my shoulders are aching now . Anyway that was my day.