Shall I delete some posts?

I write about so many things.

Pour out words on the page.

My mind is full of thoughts

Too many to control

They fly out of my eyes,

My ears.

Where to stop?

Someone suggested deleting posts..

Should I remove them?

Cut back, reduce them?

Take the time to edit.

Or just leave them.

Enough or too much?

I will give it thought.

The cat comes knocking…

Knock knock!

Bash the cat flap

So it rattles

Let me in!

Ouside cat

Wants in

But won’t come through

The cat flap.

I let him in..

He eats..

Then yowl!

He wants out.

No the cat flap

Is only set to open


I let him out

Ten minutes later..

Knock knock!

Cheeky cat!

Who owns who?