The night draws in again

Sunset and its rosy glow is gone

Eight minutes before the sun set

Light travelling ultra fast,

Eight minutes to shine from sun to earth.

Energy in motion, then lost

Behind the hill

Night infects the light

It’s inky blackness sometimes reduced

By moon and stars

Or reflected light on clouds.

But the dark cannot hold as the earth turns.

Tipped slightly, seasons prevail North and south.

As spring arrives days grow longer

Now sunsets late or never

While equator stays the same

the North and South vary.

Sunset later every day till mid summer

Then decline.


Through the trees


Through the trees there is light,

Through the trees there is air,

Through the trees there is water

but without the trees there is no life

no birds, no animals

no bears, no deer,

Without trees the air gets dirty

It gets dry.

Forests and jungles are our lungs,

life evolved in the sea,

came onto the land,

And in the forests of the land

there are more bugs, animals and possibly birds

than are found in the long grass

or desert plains

or high hills and mountains.

Save the forests, save the trees, save the world ..



IMG_20180625_211308Unexpected item in the bagging area.

No there is nothing there.

Please wait for assistance .

Why? There is nothing there!

Please return the item to the basket.

But I have not put anything in the bagging area.

Proof of age required, please wait for assistant.

It’s only a tub of yoghurt!

Have you scanned your loyalty card?

Yes 3 times!

Have you scanned your loyalty card?

Yes 4 times.

Please wait for assistance.

Look if you had a person here I would have paid by now!

Do you require more bags?

No I’ve only bought a tub of yoghurt!

Please weigh the item!

Why! It’s a tub of Greek style yoghurt!

Please wait for a member of staff.


Please insert your payment card.

I’ve just paid cash?

Unexpected item in the bagging area.

It’s my head hitting the bagging area…

Thank you for shopping with us…..