Walking again

Up the hill round the corner, down the other side, urban jungle, walking through terraced houses and past the church. Over into a housing estate… It might be good to go further, but I’m not allowed.

I still want to walk along a beach, water lapping the shore. The sound of water trickling through pebbles, sand and shells.

Buying sticks of rock, fish and chips, a drink of bitter shandy. Seagulls trying to steal your ice-cream.

I can dream!

Doodled face

We have come to the end of the semester at college but have been asked to create a new way of illustration over the holidays. So what do I do? I’m thinking of boiling some spaghetti and trying to colour it then manipulate it? Or getting some play sand and drawing with that. It’s not something an illustration would normally be made of, but why not?

Sea and sand


Build your castles on the sand and they might be washed away. Water creeps or washes in. It sinks down under the sand. The beach quakes. The rocks fall….

What is sand? Silica, ground up rock and shells. Sand can be melted into glass, a solid once liquid. Fused in heat either through vulcanism, lightening (did you know when lightening strikes damp sand it can melt a branching path through it, like plant roots?). Humans also build kilns and create glass to be blown or fused or slumped.

The sea washes or crashes in to a beach. Longshore drift pushes sand and rock sideways and along a coast. In a severe storm sand can be stripped off a beach completely, and yet it can equally be washed back again.

The world warms, water rises, sand washes away, cliffs crumble, castles crumble.

Life changes and evolves.

Seaside views

Mooching round Morecambe. The B&B we are at is very friendly and if anyone is disturbing the other guests it’s probably us. My hubby decided to explore the ‘sands’ on the beach tonight, but got stuck in the mud instead. He’s cleaned his sandals in the shower while I cleaned up all the mud he’d walked into the bedroom carpet! I dare not look outside at the stairs. For that reason I’m not naming the place here although I would call it excellent on trip advisor.

It’s been a long drive and a long day. So rather than doing my usual thing of blogging into the night I’m going to listen to the sound of the traffic driving past…. My hubby coughing because he’s got a bit of a chest infection and the noise of people going home late from the pub. Hope I sleep better than last night, it was 4.30am before I fell asleep….


View of Plymouth sound.


This was a painting I did a few years ago. I think it’s from Bovisand Bay looking out over Plymouth sound across to Cornwall. I wish I could go back. I live the place. It’s just the cost and the length of the drive. I want to just have one whole week somewhere nice. We’ll we will see. Perhaps I will sell some paintings, enough to go there. X

Remembering south devon

I just found photos of this perfect small bay near Plymouth, Devon.

I think these were taken in 2015 or 2016. We stayed at a nearby caravan park and would come down to the bay either in the day or during the evening depending on what we had been doing.

Luckily there is little or no plastic pollution. The water looked very clear and it was warm enough to swim. However caution is required for going further out. Apparently a woman died a few years ago after trying to swim round the headland to the next bay.

on the way back to our caravan we had the excitement of seeing a slow worm (a type of lizard) in the field next to the pathway.

I do want to go back again soon.


Rhyl Air show

A sunny August bank holiday weekend, at least today, forecast is for rain tomorrow……

Rhyl beach is long and sandy, there were food stalls and lots of things on show including the RNLI and RAF and Royal British Legion for the Poppy appeal.

We walked along the coastal path, towards the town and watched planes zipping by, aerobatics, an old Blenheim and a couple of Spitfires. All free, and as we had walked down from my sisters house we didn’t have to pay for parking!

Rhyl airshow takes place every August Bank holiday, when a free show is held and the planes fly out over the sea. There can be big crowds but it was not bad today….lots of space on the sand and great viewing conditions.

First we saw a five plane aerobatic team, then an old autogyro from the 1960’s, later on old war planes, a Blenheim and a Dakota and two Spitfires. There were other planes following, looping the loop, doing stalls and twists, soon there was a fighter jet trainer shooting across the sky.

The climax was a team of around 6 red devil parachutists, falling from the sky with smoke trails. I say 6 as the sun was shining in my eyes and I could not see the screen of my phone. As there parachutes opened they also flew the welsh flag below them. Brilliant afternoon. I even got slightly sunburnt!

I managed to get a few reasonable photos on my old Samsung phone, I also did some quick sketches of the planes.