Flower portraits

Just a few pictures of flowers from the garden today. This way you don’t see all the trees and shrubs that get in the way of them.

They are, red calla lily, osteospermum, lily, pink hydrangea, rose, pink convolvulus, buddlea, pelargonium, monybretia in bud, monybretia in flower (not sure of spelling), blue hydrangea, geranium.

I’m doing a few flower paintings and these could be subjects. I hope you like them.


Whitby Abbey


I need a holiday, a proper long holiday. One where I can explore somewhere like Whitby on the North East Coast of England. I like quirky, interesting places. Places like The Shambles in York, the Lake District and all its little picturesque villages and towns. The South West, Devon and Cornwall. And then placed I’ve never been like the home counties and the Norfolk broads.

I need to get a pet sitter and go!



It’s that time of year again, two weeks of tennis on TV. I could sit in a darkened room and watch it all, mens, womens doubles and wheelchair matches. There is a lot of excitement especially towards the end of the tournament and that’s not including the risk of a heavy downpour of rain stopping play.

This year court one has a retractable roof so it offers shelter to players in the same way as the centre court.

Wimbledon can be engrossing, intriguing, spectacular. Human bodies getting bent and stretched into shapes never normally seen in real life. The commentary helps you understand what just happened when tennis balls are travelling across the court faster than you can see.

But I’m getting interested. It’s on in the background. I’ve got things to do. People to see. Switch it off…. In a few minutes, at the end of this game…. This set…. This match….


Hello July


As June turns into July

I see a bird rise up to fly

I see a cloud floating past

and a flag upon a mast.

I see buttered scones

and currant buns,

Ice cream cones

and happy mums,

dozing cats all curled, asleep

The carp from its pond does peek

People rest and take their ease.

Buzzy are the drones of bees.

Now that summers at its height

Feel the Sun in its might.






Hanging baskets up

The hanging baskets I ordered arrived last week so I’m busily watering them to get them to grow. I get them from a farm out on the road between Silverdale and the road between Keele and Madeley in Staffordshire.

They are cheaper if you take the old baskets in. I did spend too much on them but I can’t explain the joy I feel seeing them hanging up. The bright colours inspire me. The different shapes and leaf colours are interesting. Apparently the human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other colour.

One thing I like doing is hanging one basket under the other, it also means that when you feed and water one the other gets watered.

Happy summer x