Roses round the door.

When I bought the house I noticed a small rose bush. I thought nothing more of it. Then I moved in and everything was lovely. At least at first.

As time passed the garden grew, I tried to look after it, but it just kept growing. The roses were beautiful, white, perfumed. But it kept growing, entwined in the fence, creeping over the path.

But inside the house I felt safe. It was warm and comfortable, the colours were muted, pastels, old soft furnishings, blankets, a happy place.

Then one morning, I tried opening the double front door, the handle would not move, something was wrapped around it? I looked out of the window, sideways, I saw it. The rose had grown round the door handle, as I watched leaves sprouted and perfect white flowers appeared. The house was happy, the rose was happy. But me? Not so much.


Apples and pears

Days are getting shorter now and the fruit is getting ripe. We have plenty of pears on our tree, but of all five apple trees only one fruit. But then after weeding the allotment this morning we were allowed to get a tub of apples in exchange. Some of them are different varieties, a lot of them are a bit holey but I’m hoping they will taste nice if I stew them up or cook them in a cake. If it turns out OK I will post about it.


Life gets everywhere

Even iin the cracks of windowledges or steps. This was growing at Spode last year. Not pretty, but green, seed heads developing, waiting to be dandelion clocks.

Next year there might be ten new plants, then a hundred the year after. Not exponential, but a creaping greening. A creating of new life, roots diving deep, breaking up the earth. If only we could embrace nature more? Not kill it but give it a helping hand. We know its wrong to harm the planet. Why do we persist.

Huchera Square

I played with this photo as the Huchera leaves look like copper sheets. The little sprigs of green in the centre look like tiny green people. I would really like a macro lens so I could take some very close shots of animals including insects, and also plants, together with things like lichen. Whatever I do, I find I want to do more. I deliberately take off centre pictures to make interesting compositions. I like trying to make patterns out of trees and clouds too…..


Orchid view. Through the window hubby is fixing the tricycle. The ariel roots from the orchids are spreading out far and wide. Some of the flowers on the large orchid are dropping, but they have been there for months. I’m hoping that is sends out another flower spike soon.

I might try repotting it carefully this time. I repotted another one and I think I over filled it with orchid compost. I think you have to leave the ariel roots some free space.

Open and Closed

Urban sketchers challenge today

Poor Galdiolus stalk got snapped off in the wind. So I rescued it and put it in an empty fish shaped bottle in some water. Today’s challenge was open and closed so I think the open and closed flowers fit with the prompt. I’ve added the fence and flowers in the background. Using pencil for the sky and trellis. A few hanging baskets and houseplants finish the drawing.

🐛 Caterpillar dance

Caterpillar on our Nasturtium plants. I’m not sure what it is but I don’t mind, it’s good to see any life in our garden.

We’ve had a few butterflies. I think I saw a fratillery (not sure of spelling) last week but it flew off before I could get a photo. It was white with brown spots and circles on it.

Not gardening today. Windy and wet and I did a long walk yesterday so my knees are aching. X

Green man?


My morning glory plants are doing well. Not flowering yet though. They are in lots of places, but I particularly like the ones in this ceramic head I made years ago. It’s survived for about twenty or thirty years as has the female one further on up the yard… I’m not sure what colours will be on the plant. Looking forward to it.



The pears are growing big on the tree and starting to weigh the crown down. Soon they will be ripe. I hope they are ready before their weight snaps the tree! At the moment it’s held up with a block of wood.

Gardening is learning. Finding out how to support plants when they need it. I’ve been told the tree has black spot, but it survives. And is covered in pears.