Clematis faces

If you duplicate or mirror an image, then turn it on its side you can get some quite interesting images. This was clematis growing along a fence, but something magical happens when you add some bilateral symmetry. The fence spikes look like goats or sheeps horns. There is something that looks like eyes and if you look closely you might see faces? This is an example of my Pareidolia. I see faces in a lot of patterns.


Clematis on the fence. Duplicated photo, magical early flowers before the leaves come out. Pale pink, fresh looking, giving the Spring a start. Daffodils over, bluebells opening. The new season is coming. Hardly any rain for a month. We’ve been trying to hand water every day but I haven’t got my pot plants sorted out yet. That will happen in May. Hanging baskets to come soon. It all needs a good tidy up.


Cherry in blossom

Our cherry tree blossom has come out in the last few days. I decided to draw it for our #bandofsketchers prompt today. The word was Nature. I’ve seen some bumble bees around the lovely flowers. Felt pen and black ink fine line pen. It would also fit if we had a Spring prompt.

Magnificent Magnolias

Two large Magnolia trees spreading out over a lawn at Bishton Hall near Rugeley. Staffordshire. The chairs give a sense of how wide the canopy of them is. To the right was some sort of glass house or green house where our friends in the Boat band played various pieces of creole and other music. A very enjoyable afternoon.

Memory of winter

The snow has gone for now

Warm winds blow from the south

Clear frosty mornings

Left behind

Rain and showers

Water the blossom and flowers

Cold chill twigs

Now wet with buds.

Birds collect bugs

and think of lining their nests

With moss and fluffy stuff

Warm and snuggled

For eggs and chicks

Farewell Winter.

See you later in the year

As the seasons turn.

A new chance to show my art

They say when one door closes another one opens. I’ve now got some of my work at Etruria Industrial Museum. I’m so pleased. It’s for three months and then it will be changed. I do hope I can sell some work. I have done so many paintings over the years. I will have to donate them to charity at this rate!

Lesser Celandine?

We had a few yellow flowers last year. Now they are mounds! I think it’s lesser celandine. Apparently they are grown from little bulbules? They can get on your shoes and get transferred around the garden. I used to be on a natural history website where you recorded the date when the flowers come out. It’s clear that spring is getting earlier each year even though it is only changing slowly. Anyway I like these plants. Our garden is quite wild and it’s good to add different wild flowers.