Nice flowers

What is this? I think it might be London pride? (Saxifraga Urbium) according to Google. I had remembered the name London Pride from when I was a child, we had it in our garden, so looked it up and it seems to match up. I have some in the back yard on the wall and I think its meant to be an alpine plant, so it likes sunny conditions. I like the little five petaled star shaped flowers that have prominent stamens. I found the plant at a garden centre but the label was missing. Love the pale pink flowers against the dark green foliage.

Close up

Flowers today, I thought they might be forget-me-nots but I’m not sure. The camera on my phone seems to be quite good if I can avoid shaking too much, so they are quite detailed in this photo Perhaps they are a type of Cranesbill? I like the way there is a reddish purple flower developing in the background. I love the bright green of the foliage, so luscious and fresh.

Developing tulips

The top left tulip and bottom right are both the same type, but the top left one has developed and the colour is coming out. The other still has a green tinge. The top left is a different, more rounded type, but there is a yellow throat to it. Finally the bottom left was a larger pale pink flower. I’m loving the way they are developing.

A few tulips

The joy of tulips. Now a normal spring flower, but a couple of centuries ago they were wildly expensive in the Netherlands. Tulip mania or fever took over and single bulbs went for sale for thousands of guilders. Tulips were getting a virus that made their flowers ‘break’ or go from plain colours to striped ones. Probably a bit like the red and white striped ones above.

I’m loving the wrinkled flower buds that are slightly green but have slight red markings. As they grow and open the colours can change and develop.

These are outside our house, on the pavement. I’m so pleased no one has touched them, some years we have had all of our daffodil flower heads broken off so I feel luck the display has been left alone. Now I’ve got to find new plants to create a succession of blooms later in the year.

Summer paintings

Poppies everywhere on these two summery paintings. I took them over to Etruria last week so they should be on display at the Etruria Industrial museum today (Friday). The left hand one was based on the wildflowers on display at Trentham Gardens, the one on the right is emulating a tile pattern you would get on the side of a Victorian fireplace. Both were previously displayed at the Arts and Minds gallery at Middleport. It’s good to have a couple of venues to show my work at. I just need then to go to good homes now. X

Bench view?

Flowers in a wreath seen on a bench last year? Was it a memorial to someone who had passed. Remembering a share time together looking at a view…. I wonder.

The bench itself is in good condition, the wood is starting to go green and will need to be replaces one day. I had a bench and the slats rotted. I went out and bought new slats but never found someone to put it back together again. I guess benches and people are similar. If they aren’t looked after they have a tendency to fall apart!


Finger painted in the new app and then collaged. Is anyone getting bored by these digital drawings? I am not going to keep posting these. I will try and do something else unless I can create something a bit better. There are lots of pens and tools on this app and it is interesting, but it’s going to take a while to get used to it….

Easter flowers

Flowers with chocolate eggs…

Can’t stop playing with my phone apps. I don’t know where I get all my ideas from. I hope you enjoy them. I like using multiple apps to get different results. Then you can use various filters. I really like the freedom of finger or stylus painting. I have only ever “built” an image with CAD when I did a course in computer aided design several years ago. Yes I could build boxes into a house, or circles and elipses into a face, but it’s not the same as the freedom of drawing. Yes I’ve used flower templates here, but I had to change and add to it. I get bored otherwise!