Today I should be drawing


It’s windy and sunny today. I should be out in the fresh air drawing with urban sketchers. Instead I’m inside with a runny, snotty nose and head cold.

I could still go out, but I’m tired. I have a friend visiting tomorrow and the house needs tidying.

The cat just came and stretched up and sharpened her claws on my leg (her way of being friendly) ow!

Shall I go or stay? Or just go back to bed….

Get some asprin or paracetamol and decide….. To sleep


Waiting for Spring. On days like today when the clouds seem to want to dump all its rain in one go.


The rain comes down like stair rods, whatever they are? The wind buffets the trees and the grey sky gets darker. In fact it’s so dull we have the living room light on to dispel the gloom.

Waiting for warmer weather, instead of sitting with the central heating on full blast and sitting next to a small oil heater for extra warmth.

Waiting to go out. When the squall subsides I might go out and get into the very fresh air… And breathe…..

Waiting for crocuses. The snowdrops are already in flower. That short few weeks where their brilliant white and green dots the ground and lightens the mood. Then daffodils and later tulips and finally bluebells, before the canopy of trees grows over and spreads its leaves across the garden.

Then it’s shade is dappled with sunlight. Then the wait will be over

We have snow

But don’t get excited! It’s wet and about an inch deep. But something we were going to tonight has been cancelled because of it.

Meanwhile over in Europe this week the snow fell so heavily that roofs have collapsed and people have been killed in avalanches.

Britain is situated in the Atlantic ocean in the gulf stream. We only rarely have a lot of snow so we are a bit out of practice with it. No one puts snow chains on car tyres, we don’t possess snow shoes, and the only time skis are worn is when people go up to the (mainly) Scottish mountains in the middle of winter.

Anyway an inch of snow is the most we have had so far this year. If it’s pretty in the morning I will take better photos.

Yellow sky.


I was looking out of the window and the sky was so yellow I knew it was going to snow. I don’t know why I know that but there is a certain tinge it takes on when the snow is coming.

I looked out later and indeed big white flakes of feathery snow were falling, mixed in with a cold rain.

The cats are curled up and warm and I’ve got an extra heater on and I’m sitting here with my hot water bottle (for my bad back). I’m huddling, watching the sleet and wondering if I should go out shopping. Life goes on.

Sun pillar


It was about 5 years ago when we were on holiday in Devon. We had arrived at the camp site late in the evening after a leisurely drive down from the Midlands.

As the Sun started to set we walked down through the dunes to the beach. My eye was taken by a pillar of sunlight shining from below the horizon where the Sun had just set. I have seen sundogs before (reflections off clouds on either side of and above the Sun that look like tiny parts of rainbows). But I did not know what this was. Luckily I had my camera with me and snapped these shots.

I later found out this was a sun pillar, caused by the sun reflecting off high icy clouds. I’ve never seen another one.

Where are you?


I look out of the window, see the scudding clouds blowing along parallel with the coast. The house is too quiet, no sounds of you around the corner, or upstairs or outside in the garden .

You must have gone out before the sun rose, before the moon set, while I was asleep curled up in bed.

The door was locked tight after you. I searched for my keys and dressed quickly. Now I need to decide whether to look for you or wait?

The wind is blowing stronger now, the clouds are black and the rain falls in great engulfing rivers, like all the world’s grief descending from the sky.

Two hours of darkness followed the dawn, then gradually a glimmer of sunlight stole under and through the cloud layer. Now I can go and look, now  I can see over the sea out as far as the island. Now I might see him? Standing on the pier, holding onto the metal handrail slick with water. I watch, and wait.

(This could also be called “which tense are you writing in? Past or Present?”)