Jupiter’s pole

Probably my most abstract image, actually me trying to paint one of the poles of Jupiter taken by the Juno probe a few years ago. It just popped up in my Facebook memories. I find blending difficult for paintings like this. Acrylic dries to quickly to get a fluffy feel to the clouds. I might revisit this and add a bit more to it.


I walked under a tree today and noticed little katkins had opened up under it. The sky was blue but the clouds behind me were dark grey and angry looking. The rain had stopped about half an hour before and I liked the dark blue reflection on the road surface. This was in the centre of Stoke, where I was taking a flat walk because my feet are aching. It was good to get out of the house again, I’m hoping it helps me relax more. X

On the other side of the sky

I just looked at the sky from the other side… I mean I watched the film Gravity and it struck me that it looks much the same from above and below? Maybe the clouds are on a different scale, but they are still white and grey, the blue sea mimics the blue of the sky. We are truly a blue and white marble in the deep ocean of black space. We fall up to space, or down to earth, the thin atmosphere is all that protects us against hard radiation and vacuum.


A mackerel sky over Stoke today. A plane had flown through it leaving a slice of blue sky through the blue and white. These clouds usually happen when a weather front passes over the land I think I remember. To me it looked like a huge swans wing was covering the city. The low sun sparkled off sections of it, but as the sun started to set the cloud got darker and moved further over us, the feathery sections moving Eastward away from the sunset.The forecast is for possible rain showers and strong winds tomorrow

Morning Moon

I woke to a red sky and went downstairs for a cup of tea. Then I saw the moon setting behind next doors extension.

You can just see a little bar of misty cloud floating across the moon which looks tiny but almost close enough to touch. The red sky in the morning might be foretelling poor weather today, (this blog is getting very weather related). The bright reds soon started to fade, now the Sun is rising on the opposite horizon. Good morning all

Dotted line?

Sunset with dotted line. (top right corner). I think it’s a telephone line not a glitch on the photo. I wanted to get a shot of the winter sky and terraced houses so I stopped to pull over the car on the way back from the gallery at Middleport. It was good to see some blue sky today, but the wind that cleared away a lot of the clouds was quite cold and cutting. And the dotted line? I feel like I should add some text ‘cut along dotted line’ and add a ✂ scissors icon! Even the world can have random glitches, I could literally have cropped it, but no, more interesting like this!