Tuesdays #bandofsketchers prompt was light. I drew one of my blue glass candle sticks in felt pen. There’s too much clutter on the shelf so the shadow is imagined as is the candle. I have drawn smoke from the wick which is also visible in the shadow. I could have added a flame but don’t have a memory of how it would look.


Something to do while I try and get over a sore throat. I haven’t done much today. I walked upstairs once, felt dizzy and came back down again. I think the bug I have has got into my inner ears. I’ve had plenty to drink and I’m taking paracetamol.

Have you ever tried spraying biro with hairspray? Sometimes it makes the ink run I used to use the technique many years ago, it might not work these days if the ingredients in the biro ink have changed. I will experiment.

Playing a with Peony flower.

Paeony or Peony? How do you spell it. I changed this photos texture in Photodirector, then changed its hue and saturation and finally used the curve tool to adjust the lightness and shadows. I feel it has a look of embroidered silk or satin. The petals are more defined than the original white flower. I like the yellow and blue greens on the leaves. If this was the true colours I would say that it was an ill plant. But as this is an edit of the original I think it gives an interesting effect.


A duck and a coot. If this was a race, the coot is winning. The twig looks like the finishing line for a rowing race. The duck is a Mallard drake, I don’t know if he’s preening or asleep? I love the ripples on the water. My phone camera has reacted to the bright light and has reduced the exposure time so it appears darker. You can move the position of your camera to affect this. If you look at an area with less bright light then the exposure would open up again. But I like the strong contrast in this image and the depth of colour. It’s difficult to see the details on the birds because they are in deep shadow.


I saw this as a little dalek (it’s an alien from Dr Who) which is a BBC sci-fi series that started in the 1960’s. Its actually a washing up bottle with the cap up! It’s going to ‘exterminate’ grease and food waste. The windowsill is covered with indoor house plants, I like the curves of the bowls and their fawn colour against the blue of the tiles.

Duplicating pattern

My photo of cut paper duplicated to make an interesting pattern (I think these photos are from a couple of years ago). The fact that the paper was folded makes for a more interesting image, increasing the texture.

When I cut the paper I tried to keep the cuts to a similar size. I might use this as the background of another image. I will have a play with it in another drawing app.

Just a photo

Its just an ivy leaf a wok. Not a visual metaphor, just a random photo. The stainless steel is scratched but retains its sheen. The photo is probably under exposed because the leaf is so dark. It’s shadow cast onto the metal. It’s surface looks like it’s been cleaned with wire wool.

Was this photo taken on a grey, overcast day? Is that the shape of a wooden fence reflected in it? Trying to find ways of describing images is hard. Finding the words to grow pictures in your mind. If you closed your eyes and someone read this out would you see this in your minds eye? I wonder…

Basis for a drawing

This was the view I was looking at when I did my Sketch earlier on. As you can see things were a lot darker in reality. I looked more at the shapes, concentrating on drawing them in first, then adding trees and branches afterwards. The silver grey seems to sit back in the background, the tones do not match this photo but does that matter? I keep drawing and hope I’m progressing. X

Urban sketching rules


Since urban sketchers challenge today was shadow, I could have drawn something like this. But we are not allowed to work from photos. Also the image needs to be in context, so not just the glass and table, but the surroundings. It makes for more difficult art, you have to think about what you are including. There are Facebook pages you can join and a monthly magazine that shows urban sketching from around the world.

This years annual urban sketchers meet up was cancelled because of the virus. It would have been in Leeds. Hopefully it will happen next year.