Green and pleasant

For mist of our existence humans lived outside or in caves or huts. It is only within the last few thousand years that we started to live in villages, then towns and finally cities. With each increase in population we have moved away from greenery and plant life. The movement into flats and apartments has imprisoned us in concrete even more.

Humans need shelter from the elements, either the cold of the winter, the heat of the summer and the changes in wind and rain. So buildings are needed, but perhaps we should include more greenery in these places. Not just lawns or neat hedges, but more green walls or indoor planting.

It’s good for our mental health, a connection to our historical past. If it could also be used to clean the air, or add a layer of cool air to our streets surely it is worth pursuing?

Instead I see stories in the press of trees being cut down, ancient ones, to make way for railways, or being blamed for damaging buildings, instead of reversing the engineering and not building next to ancient trees. Let’s have an intelligent discussion about this. Green in important to out health and our planet.

When will they flower?

My orchids occasionally flower, but they haven’t for ages. The new one I bought still has flowers on it, but the buds soon fell off. I’m trying to feed them but I think I need to get bigger pots for them and new orchid compost/ fibre. I probably don’t water them enough and I don’t spray mist them. But I have had them for years. They have lots of ariel roots, there leaves are mostly green. So I will try and pamper them more.

Cat amongst the plants

Houseplants and the cat sitting in a box. He looks so comfortable. He sits here in the afternoon when the sun comes in through the window. It’s a lovely sight. Now that the weather is improving he goes and lies in the neighbours garden in the grass which is about a foot high. He comes in when the sun starts to set behind the high privet hedge. I think I would like to be a cat, no responsibility, food at regular intervals. Care and attention. I love this little cat.

A Plantarium?

My friend has really got into houseplants since lockdown. She regularly posts photos of her wonderful plants. I realised I have a lot of them as well and wondered if there is a word for that sort of collection? I thought of the word ‘Plantarium’. So now I’m going to check Google in case it means something else!

Unfortunately, the word is already taken! Oh well, I like it and I’ve learnt something new today x

Amaryllis and Roses

On the windowsill a pale white/pink Amaryllis about to burst into flower and a minature rose, salmon pink and lovely. A present from my hubby for Christmas. They are looking lovely this JANUARY 2022!

Now 2021 is gone, its done. It will never come again. I hope 2022 is better, we see sense about the climate, we do everything we can to stop the spread of Covid. That we start caring for each other and make more of an effort to help those with the least resources.



A beautiful indoor winter plant, the red bracts are modified leaves not petals. Its often used as a centerpiece for Christmas decorations. This is a painting I did of one. I remember my mum had one growing in the spare room. I don’t think it likes too much heat? The indoor gardeners here will have a better iidea than I do. It seems to have been taken over in popularity by Amaryllis buls which also flower around this time of year.

Inside nasturtium plant.

Hubby decided to put a Nasturtium seed in the pot of our Money plant upstairs, (it has round, coin like leaves). It grew, thin and etiolated (tall and thin, reaching for the light). It’s still there this November. It never flowered but maybe I will plant another one next year? I don’t think it will last through the winter, I think Nasturtiums are annual plants, only growing for one year. But it’s an interesting experiment. It would be good if it flowered and trailed down from the upstairs side window. Meanwhile the Money plant needs watering, it’s top heavy and has started pulling over to one side. I do like indoor plants. We have lots of Christmas cactuses. They need watering to get them to flower soon…


It’s great how these bulbs become dormant after flowering, eventually the old leaves die down… Then they spring back into life when you water them about this time of year. Little and often is my way of doing it. Water but don’t drench. The bulbs swell, then suddenly a couple of leaves sprout, growing rapidly with a flower spike. I have kept one bulb for ten years. Each time it grows bigger. But don’t be eager to put it in a larger pot. It takes a few years, it likes being crammed in a pot. I only move them into the next size up pot. My oldest has grown a secondary bulb that also flowers….


So colours represent specific emotions? Maybe? But who sets them. Is it a historical thing? Some countries have black as their colour of mourning. But others use white, and who knows what else might be favoured elsewhere. Red is hot, fast, speed, fast cars are often red. But what about red for danger. Traffic lights, live wires and of course blood? But red can be sweet like fruit too.

Green has been found to be calming, and maybe blue too. Linked with the colours of growing plants. Green indoor plants can calm workers. Now green walls of plants are fashionable.

Pink for girls, blue for boys. But a couple of hundred years ago it was the other way round. Perhaps our use of colours to represent emotions is just fashion and fad!