Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was organic shapes. I had drew a pot with a tile pattern using cut outs from post it notes and shaded with graphite. Then I coloured in green post it notes with dark green felt pen and cut out shapes. I then cut out pink Christmas cactus flower shapes and added felt pen to those too.

Cactus pot

A cheerful, colourful, square pot I have a Christmas cactus in. It was outside earlier in the year, but I noticed the glaze was coming off the other one so I bought it in (I think frost and rain got to them). This one’s a bit messy round the back, but then I just have the good side facing out. You can make anything nice if you position it well, even if its cheap and cheerful.

Oak tree in our kitchen..


He sneaked in an acorn into one of my indoor plant pots, and now its growing into a tiny oak tree. Leaves growing despite the winter frosts.

My other plants are thriving, mainly Christmas cactus. A few other succulents.

On the other hand succulents are being ripped out of their natural habitats because they have become fashionable. The environment they are from are being trashed by greedy humans.

So I don’t buy them, I propagate them from cuttings. And the oak? I hope I can find it a good home so it grows into a huge old tree in time.

Christmas Cactii

Watching the flowers bloom on my kitchen window ledge. One Christmas cactus has flowered abd faded. One is in full bloom and the third isĀ  just coming into flower. I also have one which has tiny buds on it. It’s interesting how they have flowered in progression. I don’t know if some have had more water than others. But they must be healthy. Easy to look after. I put a bit that broke off in a mug of water and it has now grown roots.