Countour lines

Draw multiple curved lines, add shading. Voil√†! You can almost make a three dimensional image. I think this looks like folds in cloth. It’s an interesting optical illusion. The shading makes it look more rounded. It’s the first one of these I’ve done for a while. I used to draw things like this digitally on my computer, but this was drawn with metallic and matt felt pens.. I think it’s quite a good abstract image.

Doodle, drawing a line

Draw round anything with a thin pen and you get an interesting effect. It’s something I do occasionally as a meditation. Trying to keep a little distance from coloured splodges or around lines that I have already drawn or doodled. Somehow the lines remind me of the contours on a map, because they seem to join things together. Mostly I look at the back of my pictures and see if the ink has bled through it. I’ve written about this technique here before. It’s a way of creating something a little more abstract.


When the ink bleeds through the back of a sketch you can draw contours around the splodges of ink. I think the negative space it creates is quite interesting. You can vaguely tell its a still life (with Christmas cactus and flowers in a fish shaped glass bottle. The original felt pen drawing (sharpies) is about three years old.


Digital drawing

One of the patterns I created for my final major project. It was to introduce the idea of abstract art to children within a story book. Each page in black and white tells the story. The opposite page is based on patterns in the environment or the scale patterns of dragon scales. Colours in juxtaposition to strong black and white figurative drawings. If you follow my blog you will know about the book I’m thinking of publishing. I know I’m going on about it but I feel passionate about it.


Set yourself a rule. Draw dots, draw round them, turn the paper over and draw round where the ink has bled through the paper. Turn the paper back and add more, back and forth. Decide whether you just want to add lines, or if as I have, change directions. Once you have drawn the lines fill in some of the lines with a different colour. Keep building up layers if you want. Playing with different ideas but using rules can create interesting patterns.


Another abstract drawing today. I drew contours around the back of a sketchbook page where ink had bled through and left lots of dots. When I’d finally drawn round them all it looked like the swirls in a cabbage that has been cut in half. But it was a bit flat so I added dark areas where the lines were close together. Then I worked outwards from each dark area adding colours in a rainbow effect. I’ve only posted a thumbnail image as I’m up to over 97% used storage on WordPress.