Using old photoshop

My photoshop program is over ten years old. I keep using it but it no longer communicates with Adobe so I think it’s on the way out. I have the opportunity to get the new version, but I’m dithering. Is it worth it? Will I understand it? Has anyone got experience of it? Answers on a postcard please…. I guess I will have to bite the bullet because I do like my old version and I would like to keep using some form of it.


I’m into Astronomy not Astrology, but I do like the symbols that are used, I just tried this out as an idea to symbolise the Gemini ♊ twins. I wanted to capture the feeling of identical and non identical at the same time. I did consider different skin tones and eye colours. This is also female, but I could have drawn male instead. Drawn in ArtRage oils and Sketch apps, it is again an example of digital drawing. I might put it through a few filters and see what results.

What apps to do digital art?

A friend has asked me what simple apps can be used to do digital drawing? I said there are various apps you can add to your phone, there’s sketch, sketcher free, artrage oils which are ones I use. Most have simple tools and you have to play to learn how to use them. I’m on Google so I use Google play to search for them. Other platforms have different apps as they don’t all work on the different platforms….

I know you can also download various corel programmes, plus ones that work on ipads. Choose ones you don’t have to pay for or have to subscribe to. If you are new to digital art you could pay a lot for a package you might not be able to use. You can also download free trials that you don’t have to use and can uninstall.

Hope this makes sense?


Drawing from 2007

Clearing up my photos on my phone I decided to delete and optimise them. It jumbled up the ones I left behind. I loved drawing this on the sketchfu website that has since closed so don’t go looking for it.

I love owls, we have visited owl sanctuaries and animal sanctuaries. I just love the patterns on their feathers, and the fact that most of them fly silently. Their eyes are amazing. Staring at you like they are pinning you to the ground like a small rodent!

Before Covid (BC)


I try to remember before Covid. Walking free, no need to be nervous. Of course we could still catch flu, or get pneumonia, or be so ill you could die. But this is worse.

So I’ve decided to post pictures from before March, this is a digital drawing I did on the sketcher free app… I might draw some more images like this. I think I remember how I did it.

In other words, I don’t want to bore people. I will try and come up with more interesting content.


I love the LOTR


A drawing of Aragorn I did about ten years ago at a website called sketchfu. I loved drawing there. I miss it. But it closed. I really want to find a simple drawing application that I can do this kind of thing in again. Any suggestions? Everything these days seems to be on Google play. But that’s not how I want to draw. Yes I’m moaning about this again. I did a couple of months ago I think. I just want something where I can get the freedom to do what I want to do. Even if it is just drawing portraits of my favourite stars!

Moan over.