Digital drawing

One of the patterns I created for my final major project. It was to introduce the idea of abstract art to children within a story book. Each page in black and white tells the story. The opposite page is based on patterns in the environment or the scale patterns of dragon scales. Colours in juxtaposition to strong black and white figurative drawings. If you follow my blog you will know about the book I’m thinking of publishing. I know I’m going on about it but I feel passionate about it.

Earth and Moon

Another drawing, Earth and Moon, drawn at Sketchfu. My interests in science and astronomy are shown here. Also trying to render the appearance of cloudscape from space. The website was simple, four or five sized circular brushes, opacity and transparency, a basic pallette and a colour picker and eraser. Not much more. But lots of people, artists, writers, enjoyed the site. It just got too big, wasn’t monetised, and the owners decided to move on to something else. I miss it. X

Race to me

Run to me

Race across the fields

Rush like the wind

Raise dust with your hooves.

Gallop fast

Gather your strength

Give your heart to the world

Gentle and strong.

Fly like a bird

Full of excitement

From steepest of mountains

Farthest shores.

Horse, men call you

Held in esteem

Highest quality of beauty

Happy to see you.


Pattern made from tree branches manipulated digitally. I could list all the steps but that might be boring. I like adding different steps to see what the outcome is. I have saved a lot of these on Instagram @mallabandbrown

I add a lot of art there and here, it’s always there. I may not be painting a great deal but I do like playing with patterns. What I want to do is print out some of them but they didn’t look good on ordinary paper, the ink sunk in and was not very glossy. Perhaps I should use photographic paper?