Digital patterns


I’m a sucker for patterns. If I can’t think of any other art to do I will draw a pattern on my phone or tablet then play with it.

I do wonder where my ideas come from. I must be very visual. I never feel comfortable unless I’ve got something to look at. Minimalism is not for me.

I once had to live in a student residence while I was on placement somewhere. I had a room with a bed and a desk and chair. Blank walls.  That dingey pale grey /blue /green that public buildings are painted. One kitchen between about 16 rooms and a toilet and shower block.

No home comforts and it was the start of November and I was based there for a months placement. I could only come home at weekends.

I went out and bought a couple of sheets of wrapping paper. A newspaper, a party bag made out of holographic shiny metallic paper. Also a few postcards and a sketch book.

By the end of the day I had 42 (honestly) pictures, photos, patterned paper, the beautiful wrapping paper all stuck up on the walls .. Then I felt much better… Its my visual brain you see…..

He’s asleep

We both are tired out. I have a cold and I think he’s caught it off me. I decided to try and draw him in a simple drawing app. It’s more fun than sitting watching TV. I guess I must be starting to feel a bit better.

I must start going back to life drawing. I was doing it last year, then the nights got dark and cold and I stopped. I realise I’ve stopped doing a few things over the last couple of months. I don’t know if it’s the lack of sunlight or depression, but I feel a bit housebound. Trying to snuggle up and be safe. Life gets like that sometimes.


House sparrows

We saw some house sparrows in a hedge today “little brown jobbies” as I heard someone call them.

They were perched above us as I pulled the car into a car park. I wanted to get my phone to take a picture but its was on the back seat and the handle was caught in the rear door.

I carefully got out of the car, quietly shut my door and dragged my bag out. I got the phone, it was switched off! Help I had to switch it on and wait for it to warm up. Then a quick look. Four of the sparrows were still there…..

Camera on, click, click, click, (I took three incase of camera shake). Used the zoom option which pixelated them a bit but it was better than trying to creep towards them.

So when I got home I checked what I got. Not bad. I liked all the twigs and branches criss crossing and protecting the birds.

I decided to use the rainbow flood fill option in sketcher to make the sky more interesting. Like stained glass.

In the meantime I have a bad sore throat and feel rough.

I might not be around for a few days.


Wacom bamboo tablet

These are a set of drawings I found in my memories section on Facebook.

They were some of the first drawings I did on my Wacom Bamboo Tablet. I was drawing in photoshop.

I was trying different filters and tones (I only know because it was on captions underneath). This shows my enjoyment of morphing drawings. I like experimenting.

I was watching a programme about an Australian artist last night. (I can’t remember his name). He was recognised as one of their foremost abstract artists. At the end of his life he embraced digital art and there is a short section of film of him working with a technician who was using a quantel paintbox. This was the predecessor of photoshop. As I watched it I remembered using the same thing at a radiography conference. I was utterly amazed that it existed (this was in the early 1990’s.) I was enthralled by what you could draw. I guess that’s why I’m still drawing digitally now.



Colours, shapes and texture make up this pattern. Using digital apps can create images that would not be easy to create on paper or canvas.img_20190117_002155

Once you have done that you could use another app to duplicate and twist the images. I love patterns and continue to create images like this.

It’s really not hard to do and it would be good to see more art being created in this way. Be brave! Have a go! You might surprise yourself.




I’ve been wearing glasses for most of my life. I can’t see very far without them. It struck me how few peoples portraits include glasses. Yes I know they were not invented till a few hundred years ago, but people must have needed to wear them. I guess people take them off when they are painted or drawn. Mind you if I took mine off to draw the result would be really blurred! And yet sometimes I have to look at the subject through my glasses and look over them to draw. That is because over the years the lenses in your eyes get harder and the muscles that bring images into focus on the back of your eyes struggle to do that so people end up using reading glasses

It’s interesting to know most people’s eyeballs shrink as you get older so if you are short sighted your eyesight can actually improve!

And don’t get me on the subject of astigmatism… Misshapen eyeballs that mean verticals and horizontals can be off…..

Oh the joy of eye tests….want to know if someone is long or short sighted? Eyes look bigger behind glasses for long sighted and eyes look smaller behind glasses for shortsighted. I noticed that when I was young. You can always tell if an actor is wearing glasses just for the character because the glass is flat. You don’t see a change in the eye size and reflections on the glass are flat not curved.

I like painting glasses, they add character, I like noticing the shape of the shadows cast on the face and if the glass is tinted then you have to work out how visible the eyes will be……

Combining drawing apps


The first three drawings are based on a drawing done in a kaleidoscope app. Then I changed them in picsart using the stretch/spiral tool and then the colour curves tool which allows you to change the hues and tones.

The fourth drawing background was done in ArtRage oils which is a free Google play store app. It was then drawn over with sketcher free which allows you to draw with different brushes. I used the ribbon option to draw a masklike face. The fifth drawing was a quick sketch of a face, drawn in a sketching app. In this case I used picsarts colour curves to change the levels of colour, then a stretching app to change the shapes. Finally I used a tool to create an embossed feel and then the mask option to layer up lighting effects.

I’m using my phone a lot of the time and I tend to forget there are more options on my tablet. Then today I realised that there was a drop down menu on the masks option, so I found a whole new section of the app to play with.

What I guess I’m saying is don’t be afraid to play with drawing apps, you learn more when you do, and you can come up with some really interesting ideas.

I used digital art as a sketchbook. I may not use it in the analogue world of oainting, but it fascinates me.