I drew this a few weeks ago. Now I’m thinking it would make a good design for some cotton material, maybe a panel on a tee shirt or a pair of trousers. I actually have a pair in black and white that is similar to this. It’s amazing what you can do with a black ink pen and a bit of technology. I just need to find someone to work with.

If you know any innovative art sites that do printing let me know. I did think about joining somewhere called spoonflower but I wasn’t certain about it.


Liverpool metropolitan cathedral.


A sketch of the inside of the Liverpool metropolitan cathedral. This is the Catholic one. There is also an Anglican one. This was our Saturday ‘sketch out’ with urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent.

We did this on Zoom again, although I couldn’t remember how to log on. So although I could see people talking and hear them I could not interact. I decided to sketch it quickly as I was late to the conversation. I tried using blocks of strong colour. The lighting in the cathedral is bright and colourful. This image was taken off Google maps as we are not allowed to visit these places yet.


Draw some lines in black and brown, erase some lines and then duplicate the pattern you have created. What does it mean? Could they be power lines? A knitting patten, crochet? A surreal or abstract spiders web?

Whatever it is, is open to interpretation. If the pattern is moved one way or another you may see an animal or a design for a electricity pylon. The mind tries to interpret what it sees, but sometimes there is not enough information to discern what is happening or how it affects us. As complex as this is its very simple compared to a real person.