Drawing with nail varnish

This is a thing now. I had a sketchy picture of my hubby done on black paper. I’d used pastels to do the drawing back in September, but after playing with nail varnish to draw a landscape view, I decided to use them on the drawing. It certainly had an interesting effect. It’s shiny and the colours change depending on where the light bounces off. I finished it off with adding a few lines with a silver marker pen. It reminds me of oil on water.

Second idea


Fireworks. That’s what this is called. This is my second variation using four initial A6 images on an A3 page. I played with the background I did yesterday, with more black ink, more shading, but I added iridescent white to brighten plus thin strips of paper to try and make little explosions to brighten it.

Next step may be to swap a couple of images. I might cut into one or two of them. We will see….

Four faces



Four faces on a black and white pattern I made on the phone. Each face was drawn by my finger on the screen. I definitely think I have a style that I draw in. Not anything recognisable like anime. Just my way of doing things. They say though, that there’s nothing new under the sun. So I wonder if there are any artists that do this kind of thing. Maybe it’s a bit too unfinished but you don’t learn unless you try different things.


Disco ball

I shone a bright torch on our disco ball (yes I’ve got one) took a photo, then another one with the torch on a lower power. Duplicated the photos, and ended up with a couple of interesting pictures that are quite abstract…..

Playing with shapes and light is fun.

Experimental things teach you

How to make new things.

If you don’t try,

You never learn….

Easter egg photo


My friend made a beautiful picture of some tree branches, she mirrored them (flipped one side to mirror the other) then somehow surrounded the image with a black egg shape which was fuzzy at the edges. It’s beautiful and complicated.

I asked if I could use the idea. But didn’t want to copy. She said yes. So I put two photos of helibores through layout, an app where you can add different pictures together. I had to crop the image in my editing app, I then opened it in another sketching one. I drew an elipse round one side of the image, and freehand filled the background in with black. I used a spray tool so the edges were softened. I made sure to narrow the top half to give it more of an egg shape. Finally I cropped the image so that only half an egg shape was in the image. I went back to layout and duplicated the image. Then I flipped one side over so that there was finally an Easter egg shape on a black background. I don’t know how my friend did hers, but I respect the effort she must have put into it, and I thought I would describe what I had done in case anyone else wants to have a go.


More trees

IMG_20200120_193348_455IMG_20200120_193440_105IMG_20200120_193418_085I’m sitting here working with my digital drawings because my hip is still playing up so I’m missing choir practice. My hubby is just making a loaf and I’m going to bake some potatoes later so the house warms up.

Once you have done a drawing you don’t have to stick with that image, you can alter the hue, change positive to negative and find the edges of the image. Experiment is good. X

Barometer reading

My barometer pressures have dropped from about 1010 yesterday to 970 on my traditional barometer and 959 on my electric weather station. There is always a discrepancy of about 10 (millimeters of Mercury?) between the two.

What is ‘pressure’. Pressure is air pressure, the weight of the air pressing down on us from the top of the atmosphere downwards.

The guage on the traditional barometer has gone from fair (gold pointer) to rain with the black pointer.

How is pressure measured? One ‘bar’ of pressure is the average air pressure at sea level. It’s also measured in millimetres of Mercury.  There was a historical experiment to find out about the air pressure. The experimenters put a tube of  mercury upside down in a glass dish. This can leave a vacuum in the top of the tube. If you have the tube and dish at sea level the Mercury will be at a lowed level in the dish. This is because a larger weight of atmosphere is pressing down. Go up a mountain and the level in the dish will rise, because the air pressure up there is lower (less depth of atmosphere).

There is lots of information on sites like Wikipedia about air pressure. They probably describe how the air circulating in the atmosphere causes areas of low and high pressure. The weather is also influenced by the sea and its temperatures and the heating of the Earth’s surface by the sun.

Half ‘n’ half, work in progress.


I’ve started a new painting. My cat decided to climb up being my easle and popped his head out from behind a pastel drawing I’m doing. I decided to do a painting of it.

I’m going to try and do some different paintings over the next few weeks.


Of course I’m using artistic licence tto change the background.