First take an everyday object or scene. Then redraw it but change it. That’s what I’ve done here. Coming up with different ideas in twenty minutes. So I give you a lighthouse, graffiti torch, a torch to see fingerprints (which might be leaking acid) and changing between straight lines and curves. Fun workshop. I’m going to work more on lines and shading.


I went a bit mad for this, today’s #bandofsketchers prompt dancer/music. Made a drawing in metallic watercolours of a ballet dancer, I didn’t base it on a particular pose. When it was finished I wasn’t happy so I drew over it, then changed it in the photo app on my phone . I’m including all three versions I saved.

Using monoprint

Ten minute sketch using cut out monoprint

The monoprint was made by rubbing paper onto black paint brushed onto silver foil and then scratched through a bit. I then cut out a shape to fit to the shape of the woman body and arm, side of the face and hair, (basically the shaded side of her face and body). This was a bit nerve wracking as I only had ten minutes to do the cutting out, sticking, and drawing the rest of the portrait. I used the monoprint from a stock of them I’d made already.

Glass time

Today I found someone at a place called Art Glass Lounge where they do glass workshops. I was really pleased because I had wanted to do some more glass pieces and my hubby wanted another go too.

We met a lovely glass artist who was very informative and helpful. Social distancing was used and at the end we bumped elbows. We had a go at grinding the glass to shape it, melting thin glass rods with either a candle or a blow torch to slump it or with the blow torch, fuse it together.

Very interesting and enjoyable.

Cat on a mat?

With a bag? She was staring at me, getting into my mind, so I decided to do a collage with her. This seems to be my creative ‘go to’ at the moment. Photo, then draw onto monoprinted paper, copying the photo. Two holes for her orange eyes. Then stick the paper down. Next post it notes for the bag that holds a couple I’d packs of felt pens. I cut out shapes then drew over it to give it more shading. Finally the mat… Another bit of monoprint. It’s hard to cut out the negative shape of the cat, and the mat is red and green, but I wanted it to stand out from the cat and my red and green pens have just about run out, so I used pink and what was meant to be a pale blue instead. It’s a bit scruffy, I didn’t have enough pattern to extend across the whole page so part of the mat is just coloured in. Anyway it was fun to do. Ignore the date by the way, I hadn’t done anything on the 18th so I filled in the gap.