We found this company who cater for parties and events. They catered for my partners birthday a couple of years ago. Came up on Facebook memories. I decided to write this poem x


Found this photo

Two years old

Pimpin pancakes

Hot or cold

Super tasty

Fruit or veg

Making batter

With an edge.

Bananas, apples

Whatever you like

Add some syrup

And a flake.

Nice to eat

Good to taste

Can’t be beat

There’s no waste!

Fish ‘n’ chips


What exactly is fish and chips?

According to Wikipedia  “It is a common take-away food within the United Kingdom and an early example of culinary fusion.[1][2] Fish and chips first appeared in the UK in the 1860s. By 1910 there were more than 25,000 fish and chip shops across the UK, and by the 1930s there were over 35,000″

Fish and chips consists of fried chipped potatoes which are sliced along the length of the potatoes about 1 centimeter square. A white fleshed fish (generally cod or haddock but you can sometimes get plaice). The fish is usually is covered in floury batter and deep fried. You can also have fish in breadcrumbs. To accompany the fish and chips there are various side dishes. Generally mushy peas, which were dried peas that have been soaked and cooked and go “mushy”. Other choices are curry sauce which is a brown or yellow thickish curry flavoured sauce, or gravy.

Most people have salt and vinegar added to the meal to flavour it.

Fish and chip shops sell a variety of other food including, but not exclusivley :

potato scallops (thin flat slices of potato fried in batter).

Fried chicken (generally chicken breast).

Pies (meat and potato, steak, chicken and mushroom, cheese and onion)

Also pickled eggs, pickled onions, cods roe fried in batter and other less conventional food.

Fish and chips can be wrapped in paper (it used to be newspaper and grease proof paper) these days it tends to be white paper or more controversially polystyrene trays. This will probably be stopped because of the concern over plastic pollution.

What I can say is that Fish and Chips is a good meal if you are tired and not wanting to cook. But it is a heavy meal and full of calories.


Seamus two years ago


What a change two years make. Seamus was quite a timid cat. It took me ages to coax him out to say hello and I think you can still see caution on his face here – a couple of months after he arrived. He’s much more self assured now. He loves playing catch chase with his sister. Instead of sleeping in quiet corners or under cupboards both of them now sleep on a cat tree or on the back of the sofa in the middle of the living room.

They both will only eat one flavour of one type of cat food, but it is supplimented with treats and they know how to stare so you share food off your plate.

Cat stares

It knows what it wants

It hypnotises you

To share your breakfast





How do they do it?

With love and telepathy… !



Two years ago I ended up in hospital and had to go on intravenous antibiotics. I was so miserable I decided to get my partner to bring a sketch book in so I could at least draw the view.

The room I was in was on one of the top floors, so unless I got close to the window all I could see was a few rooftops then sky. I took a few photos of the drawings on my phone while I was there for a few days.

My most miserable memory was the food. Tasteless stuff, pap, soft with no flavour. How patients are supposed to get better when the food is so awful … I think it must have cost pence to make. I remember enjoying the sandwiches, they were the only tasty thing in there.

Apart from that everyone was good and kind. But I was pleased to escape. Unfortunately when the ambulance took me home there was no one there to let me in! Luckily my partner turned up so I managed to avoid being carted back to the hospital! Happily we don’t normally have to pay for treatment in this country. Long may it remain so.



This is what greeted us when we arrived at the Thai restaurant tonight. I’d decided to have a meal out after getting wet and chilly this afternoon.

The cats were a friendly gesture because we visit frequently and the owner knows I have cats.

Now I’m home and I’m going to put my feet up. There is nothing wrong with having a rest occasionaly.

Time for coffee I think.


Eating fish fingers after a walk in the rain

We are just back from delivering leaflets house to house in the rain. Storm Freya is due to arrive in the next couple of hours. I was going to deliver them earlier in the week but I’m still not well.

What could be more comforting than fish finger sandwiches with a steaming cup of (decaff) coffee.

We didn’t quite finish the route and came home soaking wet. There is nothing much worse than rain getting through the seams of your coat, cold water trickling down your neck and the rain running off a waterproof coat and down onto your trouser legs. Add wet socks from crossing big puddles, wet hair and raindrops on your glasses and you get a picture of how I felt half an hour ago.

The fish finger sandwiches, with brown bread and butter and mayonnaise were very tasty. If I had taken more time I would have added sliced lemon and a few salad leaves but I just wanted something warm and tasty and quick.

Meanwhile the wind is gusting, the rain is hitting the windows. I can hear the wind blowing through a gap round the window and moaning slightly. It’s two hours before sunset but the world very dark and overcast. I might just have a nap.


Curry night


Every so often, after choir practice, I order a takeaway curry because I’m too tired to cook our evening meal. It feels like a real treat not to have to cook.

All I need to do is dish it out when it arrives. The local tandoori restaurant does really nice baltis and bhunas. Then pilau rice or garlic nan to accompany it.

I’ve done a drawing to illustrate as I will be otherwise engaged in a short while. There is an interesting movie on the TV and I might have a small glass of beer to go with the food.

Tomorrow I need to plan what paintings I’m going to do next, but tonight I’m going to chill with chilli!