Cat in a basket

Yawning cat

Our boy cat likes to sleep anywhere enclosed, like boxes or behind curtains, when he got in the old washing basket where we keep shopping bags, that was OK… That was in the quiet of the bathroom. But hubby wants a shower so he’s bought the cat and the basket into the living room so the cat doesn’t get wet! He was fast asleep so had one huge yawn, not he’s curled up and gone back to sleep! (the cat not hubby!)

Crossed paws


The cat has taken up residence on the microwave. He likes it in the kitchen because I think it’s cooler for him in the evening. The other cat sleeps upstairs. I just move things out of his way and he settles down. I like it when he crosses his front paws over his nose. He looks so cute.


Paws crossed,

keeping the light out,

closed eyes,




Paws twitch,

mad dream,

running and chasing

in his mind.

You can’t catch me,

he thinks,

as he curls into a tighter ball.


Cat tree


In winter the cats retreat to their cat tree. It’s angled to be close to theĀ  radiator. The female fits neatly on her tray. But the male is more squashed up. He squeezes on but his leg and tail sometimes flop off the edge. His tray is slightly further away from the radiator, bur they have always kept the same positions, they don’t swap. Sometimes if they get too hot they go off in search of different places. Then comes the battle of the armchairs. The cats know which is my hubby’s and like stealing his seat if he goes out of the room….

If I coukd I would shrink down to cat size and curl up on the top tray above the two cats and relax. They don’t use it so it’s free….

Read through this cat!


Is your cat asleep on your Sunday paper? Snuggled up and warm? How can I possibly move him…. Two hours… Four hours.. Finally he went off for some food an I got the chance to read the paper.

I think cats can sleep up to 16 hours a day? well I might be wrong. Mine usually find the warmest spot and snooze. Sometimes when they are dreaming they twitch. That’s interesting to watch, whiskers and paws moving rapidly. Tail flicking. Ears moving. What interesting dreams they must have….

Cats are beautiful to paint, they are sleek and lithe. They make interesting shapes and are graceful. As you can tell I’m a fan.


Sharing my chest with a cat


Oof, my indoor cat has got more friendly recently, to be honest I think he’s trying to keep warm as I’m trying to use the heating less. When you have a warm jumper and a cat who needs heating? I’ve had a busy few days and I’m doing stuff again tomorrow so it’s nice to ‘warm’ rather than chill! I’m going out in a bit so he can’t stay but I will give him a cuddle when I come back. His sister likes a bit of a love but she won’t settle. She follows me round the house though.

This is what I want for our stray outside, a place to rest and be safe.

Circle three


A cat can curl up here,

Sit on my knee.

Or on the pile of washing,

Curled up and snug.


Dreaming of flying birds.

Thinking of whizzing leaves,

Warm and toasty,

Curled up and snug.


Winter shivers the bones,

Rain drips down necks,

Sun sets early,

Curled up and snug.


Food to eat and water to drink,

Warm and draft free

Thinking of sitting in a tree.

Curled up and snug…..