Outside cat.


The outside cat continues to patrol the garden, curling up, cozy, at night in the shed. He gets treats and extra food. He is warm and snug, and he is enjoying the early spring sunshine.

Our two indoor cats are well. One has retreated upstairs now the sun is coming in more, I find him curled up on the windowledge or asleep on the bed. The female comes downstairs for love. But she is enjoying the spring heat too. They have plenty of food and water. To be honest, I think they are self isolating from us. Keeping out of the way to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet. We’ve never been around so much!

He’s getting a new home x


The cat we have looked after for eighteen months is finally going to a new home.

We can’t take him in because we have two cats if our own that live permanently indoors. The one that is going lives outside in our shed. It’s been difficult for him but it’s not been very cold yet this winter, and if anything he’s put on weight.

So things are looking good. We are introducing him to his new owners so he gets used to them. Fresh roast chicken is helping. (sorry if you are vegetarian). He should be going in the next week or so to a new forever home.


Curled up cat


He’s curled up,

Happy, warm, snug.

The stray cat outside has a box

Sleeps in the shed.

My cat sleeps where he likes.

So sad.

The stray needs a home,

A place to be warm.

My cat won’t accept him.

Looked for its owner..

Gone away.

Now it needs shelter,

While my cat is happy.

It’s time for the stray,

To get a warm bed…..

My dilemma is how to do it?