Broken cat flap!

Crash! Smash! Clatter!

The big outside cat who now comes in has finally broken the cat flap! It was cracked in two yesterday, but with both parts still in place, but today? When we came home from my studio the cat flap was broken with two side pieces twisted away from each other and a pizza wedge shaped piece on the ground outside. The outdoor cat was inside and my female inside cat was staring through the cat flap from the outside! I opened the door and let her in. But how to try and fix this? Glue and wide clear tape. I tried gluing the edges, but I was just making a sticky mess. Next I dabbed glue on the flat surfaces and stuck the clear tape to them like a bandage. Next I slid the wedge shape up between the sides and wrapped another lot of tape and glue around the bottom of the flap. Finally I supported the flap on our toilet roll holder so it’s inside the door and horizontal. Why? Because it’s raining heavily and it would soon be soaking wet if I shut it. The door is also open to keep it out of the rain. I’m relying on the door between the kitchen and the backdoor staying shut to keep the cats in (and out).

Fingers crossed x

But is it Art?


I saw this piece of art on the TV, I’ve drawn it because thereĀ  will be copyright on the image and I just wanted to illustrate it.

I was only half watching the TV so I didn’t get the artists name, I think I heard that it is a banana taped to the wall. I think there were more than one and they were sold for $130,000? Each!

I don’t understand the ethos behind them. I think that it is art, but I feel a bit concerned as well, I’m not sure anyone should pay that amount for something so ephemeral. Do you change the banana when it rots or the tape when it loses its tackyness. Does it have worth because it has only a short lifespan? Can it be compared with the Mona Lisa.

In the same way as the ‘this is not a pipe’ painting was ridiculed in the past, could this be working off the same premise?