No toes…

Our cat looked cute, but hubbies foot in a sandal was in the top right corner of the picture. I decided to try and hide it. I used my sketch app on my phone. Using the ‘chalk’ pen tool and the colour picker option. I carefully chose colours that corresponded with the parts of the mat that needed redrawing. I also drew over a metal tin that was in the bottom right of the picture. The chalk option was good because it gives a more mottled pattern to the mat. It’s not perfect but I’m reasonably happy.

Cat toy on a mat

Found my old cat toy while tidying up today. I will balance him on the back of the sofa but I couldn’t resist putting him on my old mat. Then I played with the texture to emphasise the fake fur on him. He has a gold tartan ribbon. I think I got him to go with a ‘merrythought’ tortoise soft toy that I won in a raffle years ago. That’s missing too, but I only just realised that because they are linked together in my mind.

Now my cats have come in. They want food! The toy cat has one advantage, it doesn’t need feeding!

Cat box

I painted the leather seat if this stool/box about thirty years ago. It used to hold all my old oil paints but they dried out years ago. I unearthed it recently. One of the problems with being an artist I have found, is collecting art materials. I have stuff that goes back years. I tend to think one day things will come in handy. Is anyone else here an artist? Are you the same? Materials cost so much its almost a sin to throw things away.

This is a cat on a mat on a parquet floor. As you can see even then I loved patterns. It’s varnished, but you can see where I must have left a thinners can on the surface that left paint rings…

My box, hooman

This box?
Not too small at all….

When a small train arrived this morning for my hubby he took it out of its packaging in a flash. Discarding the box it came in. Boy cat pounced on it and tried to get in!

Much amusement and a few photos later! Here he is, the cat on the mat in the box. Box squashed flat! My hubby is pleased with the trains and the cat with the box. Win-win!

I apologise for using the term ‘hooman’ I see it when people post about cats. I guess it’s a fashion thing. Do you think it’s a bit too cutesie?

Might be worth reading Cat watching by Desmond Morris.

Cat yoga?


Cats must have done Yoga in one of their 9 lives! How else could they bend and twist like they do?

Well actually its because they have extremely flexible spines and can move fluidly and easily.

Imagine a cat was a slice of toast,  it would always land butter side up. There was a joke once about tying a slice of buttered toast to the back of a cat. Because toast is meant to always land buttered side down the result would be a perpetually rotating cat!

Anyway I would never do that to any animal, let alone a kitty.

But joking apart cats can bend their spines so that if they are dropped from an upside down position they can generally turn right way up before they hit the ground. (don’t do this at home). Cats also cushion the fall by landing on their toes. Their legs and rest if their skeletons act like shock absorbers.

So Cats are pretty awesome, flexible, and good to draw!