It’s still growing

Hundreds of flowers. Some fruit, tomatoes, ground to fence. We go mad every year, but this year has been spectacular. We have, I must admit, been using the hose, but will have to use a watering can if they bring in the ban. The heat today was difficult to cope with. When you have humidity caused by the water it seems even hotter. The blueberries are suddenly ripening and we have had a windfall apple. Hopefully the tomatoes will ripen soon. Its crammed with plants and is my happy place in summer.

Tonight we had a visitor flying fast and silently above the yard. It was a bat catching moths and insects. I think the flowers attract them and the bat’s come to feed.

Batty cat!

I wonder what a cat with wings would be like? Would they flap like a magpie or a bat? Would they chase birds in the sky, like Sparrowhawks? I can imagine them flying up to the tree tops. Nesting in the very top branches, feathering their nests? I’d be worried for the health of small mammals too, the bat cat would dive from great heights instead of simply pouncing from a short distance away. Beware genetic manipulation!

Old card

Just found this…

Spring cleaning and I found this card. It’s off a relative and it must be twenty or thirty years old. I was moving a bookcase amd found it down the back together with an A to Z of Stoke-on-Trent. Its so cute with the fire extinguisher and the startled bat!

It would be good to find more interesting things. Maybe a gold ring, or an earring that matches one I’ve lost. But no doubt I’ve already vacuumed them up!

Anyway I like this dragon, I will take him as a good omen for my college course project. Its about the mythology and history of dragons, and a children’s book based on a dragon story. So fingers crossed that I can get it done. X

Believe it or not… Bat

This tiny bat was flitting around the back of the village hall last night. I know they are fuzzy photos but all I can say is we watched it for about ten minutes. I think it was a pipistrelle bat. It was hard to get a clear shot because it was moving so fast.

There were a few moths about and I think it was trying to catch them. I wish I had a bat detector. It transforms the high pitched call of a bat into a clicking sound you can hear.

Anyway that’s what happened last night. No vampires were harmed taking these photos. X