The Greyhound inn.


The Greyhound Inn on Manor Court Street, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent. A very interesting building. We called in today on the way back to Stoke from Rudyard lake.

To think a building originally built around 1540 and used as a court house been 1558 and 1829 would be enlarged and eventually became an Inn ( type of public house). Over the last few years it has gone through quite a few landlords, some more successful than others. It seems to be a friendly place now. But there are two other pubs nearby, so it has to share custom with them. We had a relaxing half an hour there.


Believe it or not… Bat

This tiny bat was flitting around the back of the village hall last night. I know they are fuzzy photos but all I can say is we watched it for about ten minutes. I think it was a pipistrelle bat. It was hard to get a clear shot because it was moving so fast.

There were a few moths about and I think it was trying to catch them. I wish I had a bat detector. It transforms the high pitched call of a bat into a clicking sound you can hear.

Anyway that’s what happened last night. No vampires were harmed taking these photos. X



This is a papier mache hill I made out of willow withies covered in newspaper and glue. The idea was to depict the last ice age. I painted a couple of wolves in the distance. This was another mystery play a few years ago. Set in the area which then became Penkhull. It was about the way the village evolved and the town surrounding it. I don’t remember much about the play except it had Romans and Celts in it, then victorians and a riot. We seem to riot a lot in the plays!

I wonder what we will be doing next year.



Sandstone is a beautiful stone, soft and porous, it can be carved into fine shapes. But as this gravestone shows it also dissolves, especially in out acid rain environment. In this case the stone has turned black, probably from pollution, as Stoke-on-Trent was a very smoky place, due to the coal fired potteries. And yet the church is clean. I don’t know if it has been cleaned but it has had some restoration.

The lettering on the headstone is almost lost. Its almost as if a layer has peeled off. Gone but not forgotten? It depends on whether the family still exists, and whether they still live in the area.

Other stones in the graveyard are in worse or better condition. Some have been turned into steps, gradually wearing away under foot.




Bra Recycling

There is a charity collecting old bras that can be recycled and used for women in Africa (see the link). The charity gets money to combat breast cancer by collecting the bras and women in Africa who can’t afford them get a decent, useful, inexpensive bra that they can wear.

One of the stalls in the penkhull mystery play day did just this and collected Hundreds of bras. I’ve asked their permission to use their photo. Congratulations to them for taking the time to support the charity.


Harpers Titchy Theatre


16 short stories and poems, 11 authors, 6 readers, 1 host. We all had fun listening to many and various tales this afternoon. I wrote three very short pieces which I think I have already posted on here. It’s great to hear people laughing at your jokes and punchlines.

More about the day to follow later.