Friends making a bench….

Two old chairs and some planks of wood. Upcycling I think it’s called? Or is it recycling…. The chairs are solid so this should work. I think she’s going to make it into a garden seat with a space in the centre for a plant pot or planter. The good thing about this is that it is recycled, so instead of hundreds of pounds this could be made from scrap out of a skip and some screws to hold it together.



Just found this on my Facebook page of glass cabochons I made in a workshop that my friend did a wireweave around. They each have chains and they were for sale in my craft stall last year. I sold a couple but they are sitting safe in a bag waiting for when I can do it again.

The pleasure of art is that it helps me mentally. Doing workshops where I learn new things also helps. This lockdown has been difficult. I don’t want to go out much. I can’t go to workshops and apart from the risks of going shopping, I’m socially isolating myself. Yes I might miss a few things, but I feel safer that way. I think our government has lifted lockdown too early. I think it will lead to another spike. Am I being too pessimistic? Possibly.


Button bowl


I got this last year. Its a bowl constructed of buttons stuck together with PVA adhesive. It was made by a friend who used a bowl as a form to make its shape. The only thing is that it has deformed slightly because it was pushed into by another object.

I like her choice of colours and the way you can see the gaps between the buttons. I don’t think it will last forever. Perhaps it will turn into a forlorn heap of buttons, but it’s OK for now.


Previous years mystery making.

A few years ago we did a mystery play which had to include the four horsemen of the apocalypse. This horse was made by my friend Kate and I painted it and another one in a Picasso style to give it an angular and aggressive look.

As time goes on and we get older we are doing less complicated making, basically because we are spending less time doing it. For myself I would like to do more. Anyway I’m off in a bit. Lots to do…


Minton tiles


One thing I have got to do is paint some images of minton tiles. These were made in their millions over many years and can often be found in the hallways of town houses especially in Stoke-on-Trent. People are enthusiastic about them even now and get excited about them when they find them in old houses.

There were apparently 12 original designs which are documented in a little book called touching history by Hans van Lemmen and Bret Shah. This is available through #StokeYourGratitude

Making again

Today was all about making and painting things for the Penkhull Mystery Play this year. I reused two boxes from previous plays. I was asked to paint them black and then to use gold and yellow paint for the decoration.

The idea was to create boxes which would look like they had been decorated with Chinese lacquer. I didn’t know whether the idea would work, but it seemed OK.

Other work to do include sticking paper plates together to make them strong enough to be passed between 50school children and painting two large papier machè birds that represent the birds on the willow pattern plate.

One box has a landscape on the top of it, the other has a circular coin like shape on the top.

Card illustrations

I did these cards about a year ago. I had taken photos in a friends house because she wanted some home made cards.

If you would like to do something similar all you need I’d a thin black ink pen and acrylic paints thinned down to watercolour consistency. They work as well as watercolours and it saves having to find them out from whatever cupboard I’ve got them in!

I basically drew outlines then filled them in with the paints.

I’ve only done a few more of these. Maybe I will paint more in future.