Blue and yellow.


I love the colours in this photo which I took at the British Ceramics Biennial held in Stoke-on-Trent last year.

I like the triangular patterning on the body of the pot, and the shape of is neck. I think the blue glaze is painted by hand. I love it. The yellow table surface is a brilliant contrast, making the pot stand out well against it. These primary colours are a lovely combination. 

Bathroom ceramics


Photo from the Gladstone pottery museum which we visited earlier in the year. The fashion these days is for white ceramic sinks and toilets, but look at the colours that used to be made. There is a rainbow of colours on the shelf above the full sized examples. Style changes as times change. Perhaps the world will go back to bright colours, humans are strange creatures!

Easter Island head


I’ve been asked to maybe do some pottery with a group at the warehouse at Etruria Industrial museum this morning. I’ve tried to do a digital sketch of one and I will look at photos of them. I can see how to make a slab built pot by rolling sheets of clay out and sticking them together with a bit of slip (clay and water). The only problem will be to get the air out of the clay so if it is fired it doesn’t explode in the kiln my friend has. Wish me luck. I think we will try and draw it first.

Rie’s little animals

IMG_20191013_155451_141 (2) (2) (2)_optimized

These little animals are by my friend Rie. She’s also made pumpkins, and they are for sale at the Waiting room gallery in Longport, Stoke-on-Trent. Some of them are based on Egyptian gods, others look like cats, dogs and foxes.

I’ve already got a few of Rie’s pieces and I bought an animal from this collection. I think she might be making a chess set soon.

Ideas for paintings

Sketching designs for winter paintings that can still be good to have on the walls all year round. I’ve seen a painting with a pottery in the snow, so I’m going to do something similar with Holly and Ivy. The second idea is a cat on a windowledge with a blue and white vase next to it.

Will try and get them painted this week.

Dust Rising 19


Dust rising (or Dust 19) is a group show by artists being held at Spode alongside the British ceramic biennial which is currently on till mid October.

This is me with one of the plates that have been created out of transfer prints. (if you look over my left shoulder the green patterns on the window are where the image comes from).

It’s amazing what’s going on here. We might be a bit down in the dumps but Stoke-on-Trent is so full of creativity. There is still a full time Fine Art course at Staffordshire University which is quite unusual in the current economic climate.

Stoke-on-Trent is situated in the middle of beautiful countryside. You can’t complain if you want places to visit.

So I guess what I’m saying is come visit!

Today at the BCB

Too much to see! There were many interesting and beautiful pieces at the BCB (British Ceramic Biennial) being held in Spode over the next four weeks, ending I think on 14 October. The BCB sees the China Halls at Kingsway Stoke taken over and turned into a massive gallery to showcase ceramics, with hands on experiences making solid flat back figures and more abstract work.

There is also access from the Eleanora Street entrance of Spode. Useful to know if the car park in front of the building is full.

It’s great to see this asset being used and bringing much needed visitors into Stoke Town centre.

No doubt I will post more photos later…