Right wing politicians

What public figure do you disagree with the most?

I cannot be specific. There are too many politicians I strongly disagree with. I know that any person can be bad. Whether they support right, left or central politics. But somehow they all seem to be capable of misdeeds.

So why right not left? I just think currently in our country, we have had too right wing politicians for too long. They have been in power for thirteen years and things have not improved. Our health service which was the best in the world has been partly sold off, and what’s left is succumbing to cuts in beds, loss of doctors and nurses who are leaving to go to better paid jobs abroad.

We voted to leave the EU (Brexit) and turned our backs on a whole continent that supported us. We have always been ‘little englanders’, but that was a ridiculous idea and we are all suffering for it now.

Our politicians want to ignore human rights and are getting more and more vindictive. A series of political scandals including the miss selling of Protective equipment for the pandemic, (which was not fit for purpose). Sewage being poured into our rivers and sea, and tax cuts for the richest, all have destroyed our reputation. And we have awful treatment of migrants who cannot safely get into this country so are risking their lives trying to cross the channel in small inflatable boats. And one of our ministers had the gall to call them ‘migrant shoppers’ or similar phrase, as if they were not desperately seeking refuge.

So no, I know there are awful people everywhere, but I need to think about our government. If we cannot act in a humane way how can we expect anyone else to do so?

Winkhill Mill

Part of Stoke’s industrial history

I haven’t been back to Winkhill Mill in Stoke for a few years. When I did it was a thriving pottery making artistic tiles or other ceramics. I went to an exhibition about Minton tiles there. I do wonder if it’s still working after the pandemic. I was pleased with this photo that I took as the sun was starting to set.

Not over yet

Slowly, quietly, Covid numbers are starting to rise again. Last week in the UK one in seventy people were being infected with Covid, including new Omicron variants. This week its gone up to one in sixty five. Life seems to just go on. No one seems very concerned anymore. I keep wearing masks. I can’t see any point in stopping. I need to buy some more lateral flow tests. The government stopped giving them out for free a few months ago. It’s got to end one day, but when? Who knows.

Support small business

Pandemic=lockdowns=not going out=buying online.

But if you wear a mask and social distance, you could go into local shops. You could spend money at places that are hitting brick walls when it comes to trading and selling. Local shops bring trade into towns and cities. Money spent there is shared round the local community and can be reinvested. You can spend online but that money just goes to massive industries and into the back pockets of billionaires.

Think first, buy local if you can or buy from independent makers. X

What shall I say?

Who shall I speak to? Will they listen to me? So many questions to ask.

She stood in front of the microphone and wished she had written the thoughts down. She had known she would have to speak at the funeral, but had shied away from her obligation. The death of her friend had been a shock. He was only 60 when he passed away. She remembered an old boss of hers telling her off. They don’t pass away or pass on, they die said the woman.

No, she would say pass on. She would say sadly missed. She would say that his passing had left a hole in many lives. She had not seen much of him recently. Things had been bleak, people were not going out as much as they had. A cough could be enough to panic friends into staying away.

The funeral was only sparsely attended. The few people that were there were well separated. Women wore veils over dark coloured masks, the men wore cravats and masks. Good old fashion design getting involved in the workings of life and death. Things had to be chic.

So many questions to ask and then try and answer. She would struggle for words. But she would manage it.

If you are celebrating

I know that not everyone celebrates Christmas or even the new year at this time of year. Different religious traditions, different calendars and different beliefs or non beliefs mean that we all think and act differently.

But I hope that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wish goodwill and peace to everyone. Life isn’t always easy, and I realise I have been lucky for most of my life. The luck of being born in a first world country, having a good education, being able and allowed to work, even freedom of speech. I wish we all had better times and lives. I profoundly hope that humans get their act together and work to save the planet and its animal, plant and human populations. Living through a pandemic sharpens your thoughts.

So I really do wish you as much joy and happiness as possible in your life.

February dragons

Looking back at my sketchbook I found this from February this year. I think I was going put more then. Going for walks and not exactly seeing people but socialising more.

Then I pulled a calf muscle and it really knocked me back. I am seeing a lot less people and turning into a recluse. My walking consists of going to the shops a couple of times a day. This weekend I actually went to my art group meeting. I was trying to finish a dog painting and I used it as an excuse to get out the house and do some art. I think that has helped me break out a bit. My mojo needs to be released again!

Autumn woman

This is my painting ‘autumn woman’ I did a few years ago. I wish I was doing more art like this but I’ve really been overwhelmed by trying to do other college work. There are other things I need to do too. This covid pandemic have made my introverted ways even more entrenched. I wish I had the freedom I used to have. But self isolation and protecting myself have been my consideration all the way through. My hubby and I still insist on wearing masks… Although many seem to have forgotten the need for them, forgotten or are ignoring. Our prime minister does not show a good example… Oh I must not stray into politics!

Hey ho! Got to find my mojo!

Would you go into space?

Mosaic at the BCB

With the advent of space travel becoming available for space tourists I wonder if its something I would go for.

The cost is exorbitant, in the millions, and the risks must be considered. Also the ones that are going are either very rich or famous. I don’t begrudge them doing it, but I hope this doesn’t turn into a new thing to do on their ‘bucket list’. Maybe instead of going into space for ten minutes they could donate that money to pay for covid vaccines in poor countries, or support working towards cutting pollution or reducing global warming.

Instead of selfish joy rides these space tourists should be more considerate. Me? If I could afford it I would stay with my feet firmly on the ground!