Who is he?

DSC_2227_optimized (2)

There are some windows in Spode covered in various circular prints. This one looks like a photographic negative and appears to be someone famous although I don’t know who.

DSC_2230_optimized (2)

There are other patterns overlaid. This must have been a particular place for some sort of work within the factory but I’m not sure what?

To be fired?



These three pieces are unfired. I made them a couple of years ago but never got them fired. The coloured one is painted in metallic acrylic paints. I need to hollow them out so that they can go in a kiln. The problem is they are fully dry so it might be difficult to do it. I think I need to dampen them but I don’t want them to dissolve. Made them at Etruria, at the warehouse.

Pinch pot

Sitting at the exhibition yesterday I was starting to get bored. There was some clay available and as I didn’t feel like actually throwing a pot I decided to do a pinch pot instead.

What is a pinch pot? You just hollow out a small lump of clay then pinch it so it gets thinner and thinner walls. I didn’t use any water, so as I stretched and pinched the pot it started to split and crack. I used a broken pencil to make tiny indentations all over the surface, making larger dents around the rim.

It turned into an irregular, ugly little pot. But I might get it fired and glaze it with oxides. I might do more to go with it.



This is a papier mache hill I made out of willow withies covered in newspaper and glue. The idea was to depict the last ice age. I painted a couple of wolves in the distance. This was another mystery play a few years ago. Set in the area which then became Penkhull. It was about the way the village evolved and the town surrounding it. I don’t remember much about the play except it had Romans and Celts in it, then victorians and a riot. We seem to riot a lot in the plays!

I wonder what we will be doing next year.