Not exactly

Do you practice religion?

I was bought up as a Christian, and I still believe in some of the ideas behind it, kindness, helping others, charity.

But I’m not exactly religious, I think that we should love one another, turn the other cheek, try and show compassion and consideration. What missing in my world view is the need for a reward either on earth or in whatever heaven people believe in. I feel like needing that means that you are being bribed, in a way, to be good? I think people should care about everyone else. Maybe accepting a bit less if it means others can be looked after or ‘saved’. Life is hard enough without selfishness….

So my answer is that I don’t practice religion, but I try to live by some of its rules. I am as hypocritical as the next person though as I don’t follow all the ideals of Christianity. For instance there are commandments like not eating shellfish. Perhaps in the past that was more important because they might be tainted and dangerous to eat in hot weather? There are lots of other rules I don’t follow, like not eating meat on Friday. But in the end surely we must not be tied up in strange rules but consider others and show we care?

I would say I am an agnostic, not sure what I believe in, not an atheist and totally irreligious. The universe is such a vast place that something might exist. But whatever it is would be so large that I would be like a gnat to be swatted by it. But if ‘it’ is infinite, perhaps it has infinite knowledge and understanding too?

All you need

I’m glad I have someone to love. He drives me round the bend, and I think I’d be OK on my own, but we are joined at the hip. We stick together somehow. Chemistry? Maybe, perhaps we are like an old worn pair of shoes. We only match each other. Foibles? We’ve got a few. I’m sure we would drive other partners mad if we ever decided to find someone else. I’m a believer in the wedding ceremony, richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. All it means is that you have to have give and take in a relationship. I don’t mean you should stick around if its awful, or put up with bad behaviour. There has to be some love. I’m glad I have a bit.

So yes, I love the Beatles song “all you need is love”, it’s my era and I’ve probably listened to it a thousand times, and if you can, try and love yourself as well as others x

Mothers Day

Gone but I remember you. It’s been a few years, but on Mother’s day I wish you were still here. I could tell you my news, how things had been. You would be stern but fair, or happy and pleased. No matter what, you would try and help with problems. You cared about things.

Mothers (and Fathers) who have passed away are still remembered. It’s always a tug on my heart when the day comes round and I can’t buy her flowers or get each of them a card, a thank you for their care and support. I will try to keep those memories, to keep her in my mind, today and in future.

Happy Valentines day

It’s Valentines day here and a friend put a card through our letterbox wishing me and my hubby a happy Valentines day. I think it’s really sweet of her. I think it’s a nice idea to share love between friends as well as couples. Why not? A token of friendship and care and love? The idea of a more inclusive world where everyone gets something from it. After all not everyone wants to be in a relationship. They are normal people, they shouldn’t be deminished because of their choice. X

Cats, I love them

I am a cat person, I love them, they are graceful, independent, also beautiful. They can be extremely sweet but also very sneaky. They will get their own way if they can. They will sit and stare at you, waiting for you to relent. Waiting to be petted or fed. They can pin you down by sitting on you or your bed, so you dare not move! Sometimes they can be trained, mine come when I whistle, which is good because I think the sound of a whistle goes further than a voice can. I’ve had cats all of my adult life, or should I say, they’ve owned me!

Finding the good

…. In the bad

Gratitude is something I’m trying to find every day. Three little things that I can write even if it’s been a bad day? Things like being stuck in traffic but someone let me out at a junction. I went to an art meeting today and people appreciated what I was saying, and I’ve trained my cat to jump up on my knee when I whistle him so he can have a love. That’s the little light in the dark tunnel. A spark that makes me feel a bit better. I’ll take that. X


Leave the nest and find a partner, lovebirds dance and coo. Symbol of love, kissing turtle doves. Blue birds fly over white cliffs, a timeless memory caught in glass. Does the sunlight shine through and cast flitting shadows, flying across the room so slowly and gradually, a slow motion, stop and go motion, drift of love. Like an orbit around the sun celebrated in a year but played out in a day. Background colours changing fron bright white to rose to purple and blurred blue.

Good morning cat

The cat greeted me this morning. Sitting on the windowledge, stating at me and purring. I knew what she wanted, breakfast. There is just enough space for her to sit next to the glass paperweights I’ve collected over the years. The cats calm me down. They cheer me up. They help me when I feel down. They look for love and give it back in return. Although they are not like dogs, because their love is not unconditional! They tend to want food and can be quite demanding. But when a cat slowly closes its eyes at you in what they call a ‘slow blink’ you know they are sharing their feelings with you.