I miss them…


One if the worst things about the Internet is when people disappear and you don’t know where they have gone.

I have ‘lost’ a few people here recently. Perhaps it’s a new year and they have cancelled their membership, or decided blogging isn’t for them. Some of them had become friends, or I’d invested some time in reading their blogs. Some explained that this wasn’t working and they were going, others just disappeared. I can’t help saying I miss them. One person passed away. I knew she had been ill and I was sad to find out she was gone. At least there was a message put on her page to say she had died. I could grieve. But sometimes there is nothing, they become ghosts in my memory, sitting there, with no explanation. Then there are people who’s pages on Facebook are still open despite having died two or three years ago. Each time I see their faces on my friends list I feel sorrow, and yet it would feel wrong to ‘unfollow’ them. What to do. The etiquette of the Internet.. We need to learn.

Brexit.. Done

DSC_2421_optimized (3)

At 11.00pm (23.00hrs), Britain left the European Union. After a day that had been grey and drizzly, and a day I felt infinitely sad.

I did not vote for leaving the EU. But about 70% of the people in this area did, do I guess I expected rock and roll bands and masses of fireworks?

Instead we got about ten minutes loud music from the local pub, followed by a minutes fireworks at 10.58pm, then silence… A nice damp squib.

Other friends have posted statuses which sound similar. Perhaps people have become inured to it. Maybe they realise they are cutting off their noses to spite their faces….. As my hubby Sat’s, this world will go on…..

Farewell old friend.


I found this posted onto a friends story on Facebook this morning.

I knew she had been ill and had come home from hospital, but because my friend lived in America it was not as easy to keep in touch.

We had spoken over the Internet early last year. I probably should have called he more often. But life gets in the way. I admired her art. I first met her on the Internet at a website called Sketchfu. The site is long gone, but we discussed art and drew pictures and enjoyed our artistic friendship. We both then joined a site called Muzy, which also closed. But a friendship had been made and stuck.

In later years she posted her art to Instagram. Her work was full of beautiful drawings of women and lovely landscapes. All drawn with soft and thin layers of bright colours.

Now she is gone. I won’t see her art anymore. At least a message was posted telling us she has gone. A friend lost. I mourn her passing.

Hand in the cookie jar

DSC_2409grr. Grr!

Annoyed. We had a box of shortbread biscuits for Christmas, we have had a few. My hubby more than me. The box is on top of the fridge. So I went into the kitchen to make us coffee and get the last few biscuits. Guess what? The box was there, but empty. I’m annoyed.

At least throw the box away once it’s empty. Don’t leave it there to tempt me. He does the same with tubs of butter, bananas (yes he left an empty skin on the fruit bowl!), or he finishes strawberries off and doesn’t throw away the punnet. He finishes bottles of milk without leaving some for my coffee.