Glass pieces done

One and eight are my hubbies pieces, the rest are mine. Out of the kiln at Art Glass Lounge. I did them at a workshop. Some are being turned into necklaces, some brooches and a couple will be attached to rings. I’m collecting them tomorrow. I’ve really enjoyed learning such a simple technique of layering glass to get a sparkling result. Can’t wait to collect the finished pieces. I will take a photo of them when I get them.

Usk day 35, digital close up


Day 35 and the challenge was to draw a close up. Someone drew a necklace so I decided to draw one of my rings. The green tub is meant to be a plastic pencil sharpener. It was quite reflective and you could see the ring mirrored in it. I actually drew both objects on top of the tablet, so the light was shining up . Its a different method to what I normally do, but I want to try and get some skill back doing this kind of thing.