Digital earth and moon

This was an old drawing I did online a few years ago. It was at the website called Sketchfu (closed about five years ago). I’ve always loved astronomy and this was a good challenge to try and get a reasonably accurate drawing using very simple tools. The hardest thing was getting the image blurred enough to feel realistic. Colours were chosen from a couple of hundred choices. There were only five sized circular pens and a slider to alter the opacity. Plus an eraser to clear away mistakes. You could add layers so you could show your progress, or do a collaboration with other artists, the only real problem was the images took ages to load.

Back to yoga class

My Blue and Orange mandala ©

After several weeks away from the yoga class I went back tonight. I do chair yoga as I cannot get up from the floor, but our teacher allows me to adapt positions so I can get the same effect. I also join in the breathing and relaxation parts of the session. The only thing I cannot do are inverted postures, where your head is on the ground and your legs and arms are raised so the blood goes to your head.

I have been doing yoga on and off for a few years, I don’t feel like I’m an expert, I’m not capable of doing some of the moves, but I try my best, which I think is a good part of yoga’s ethos. I am never going to be to do all the balances and postures, but it does help me relax.

Foggy day

It is foggy today, the mist started this afternoon, a cloud coming down low, covering the sun as it set. Blurring and shadowing the skies colours. Now it is more dense, I drove up our hill and the lampposts disappeared, like white smoke was hiding them. It was hard to see through the fog, obstacles hidden until you were almost on top of them. There’s a set of traffic cones half way up our hill where a car partially knocked a wall down. I didn’t see it on the way up! I came home along a different road to avoid it.

Blue rose

Digital drawing done about ten years ago. I just came across this and it brings back memories of challenges I used to do on a now closed website called Sketchfu. The site was overwhelmed by art and Young people writing stories. The site owners couldn’t keep up with all the activity and a few of us users were asked to moderate the site. Eventually they stopped working on the site and the moderators were no longer able to contact them. The site was taken down, but many people downloaded their images, like this one, before it closed.

Bright idea

I keep getting told I should try and get some of my designs printed on tee shirts. I love colour and patterns and I just keep creating them. Some of them are tweaked digitally, some are drawings in sketchbooks, others are digital patterns. I have thousands of drawings. My brain just keeps going on and on and on…..

Tired out

I finally managed to get to sleep at about 9.30am! Then I slept fitfully till 11am woke up, had a decaff coffee went back to bed and finally got up just before 2pm. What an awful night. I am very tired and I don’t even know if I will be able to get some rest tonight. I don’t want to moan about it. I’ve been in a bad mood today, I’m going to see if I can go to bed early. We will see. Words like shattered, exhausted, insomnia, wrecked, knackered and weary spring to mind.

Feeling hot

It’s a cool day, and we don’t have the heating on, but I feel hot. I’m wearing a jumper so that might be the cause, but my guts ache too. I hope I’m not ill. I haven’t eaten anything strange, I made a nice chicken and pasta meal last night and it was thoroughly cooked. Basically lots of vegetables, some tomato pasta sauce, two small chicken breasts (apologies to vegetarians) and some multi coloured pasta. Tonight we are going to have pizza so I guess I’m in an Italian mood?

Other symptoms? I think the lethargy I’m feeling is still from sadness. It’s taking me a while to get over things. Maybe my immune system is a bit low? Or perhaps that’s just me guessing. Meanwhile life goes on. I’ll get a cup of tea and maybe doze for a while. The cat has just come up to say hello…

Need to do more

Digital profile

I’m finally, after almost three weeks, starting to feel a little like I want to do some painting or creating digital art again. Things have been really bad. It must have been hard to read some of the things I wrote. Death is not easy to cope with, and not having answers about why something has happened makes it even harder. But amongst the misery my little artist inside me has kept me going. It’s like the thread Ariadne gave to the hero Persius, to find his way out of the Minotaurs maze. It’s always there, even when I’m not doing any art. It helps me X