Spooky Stonehenge

I did a digital drawing of Stonehenge on Salisbury Plane ages ago and I’ve tried to add a misty, foggy, mysterious effect over the top of the original drawing. Because I drew it in layers, the image in the bottom layer shows the stones and this stayed in place so I could distort the upper two layers of black that I had added and then a blueish grey with a smudging tool. The overall effect is slightly spooky, I could imagine shadowy figures or spooky silhouettes detaching themselves from the stones and moving towards anyone visiting the ancient site. What ghosts of druids reside there?

Digital doodles

Spring and flower themed digital doodles using ArtRage oils. Then edited in Photodirector for one of the four images and layout app to create symmetry for all four. Finally I stitched them together in layout and have published the variations on my Instagram account. I could imagine this as a woollen blanket.

Digital drawing

How has technology changed your job?

When I first started using technology in art it was at a conference and there was a stand with a digital drawing screen. It was a large flat screen with a stylus attached with a wire. There was a limited pallette and you drew by picking brush sizes and colours. I have always been an artist, but because it was a science based conference no one knew. I started drawing a horse I think and the people on the stand were surprised by what I could do. But I was hooked. As soon as I could get a small drawing tablet I did. I even had a digital drawing I printed off exhibited in a local Open Exhibition because it was not something they had seen before. Since then I’ve got bigger and better tablets, drawing with styluses attached with wires and then wireless ones. Now you can draw on a phone screen with your fingers. I’m glad I went to that conference.

Seven years

Seven years ago I created this. I can’t remember exactly how. But it just popped up on my Facebook memories. It’s definitely my style, pattern and colours. I do love the idea of creating something like this, completely abstract using some elements from nature. I don’t know if there are enough pixels to make it work as a print. I’m not sure how many dpi it is.


My digital drawing of the whirlpool galaxy. Visible through powerful telescopes, wouldn’t it be amazing if it was visible to the naked eye?

Why is our galaxy, the Milky Way, so faint? Partly because of light pollution which drowns out the hundreds of thousands of stars visible in a dark sky area, and partly because there are dust lanes n the way of the view to the centre of the galaxy. Plus if you live in the Northern Hemisphere your view is out of the galaxy. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere your view is towards the centre of the galaxy, plus the small and large Magellanic clouds.

Happy Valentines day

It’s Valentines day here and a friend put a card through our letterbox wishing me and my hubby a happy Valentines day. I think it’s really sweet of her. I think it’s a nice idea to share love between friends as well as couples. Why not? A token of friendship and care and love? The idea of a more inclusive world where everyone gets something from it. After all not everyone wants to be in a relationship. They are normal people, they shouldn’t be deminished because of their choice. X

February 14th

Digital doodle of a heart for valentines day (February 14th). I might turn it into cards. I used Artrage oils for the background, then sketcher app for the red heart, using a symmetry tool so it’s equal on both sides. I used a slightly paler centre so the heart appears almost hollow. It could also be a dragon with curving wings….


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was Flight. This is a digital finger painting. I used artrage oils a free app I downloaded onto my phone. There is a bigger version but you have too pay for it. Finger painting is hard but I like the oily texture this app creates. Got to try other things than felt pens. X