One of my favourite artists is Escher. His endless staircase and morphing fish into birds always intrigued me.

There is his self portrait which shows a hand holding a mirrored metallic globe. In it you see a bearded man. The image looks like a fisheye lens, the room around him is curved as the reflection follows the shape of the sphere. I think there are bookcases and stairs and windows reflected in it.

I only posted this because my drawing in homage to his came up on my Facebook memories today. It’s a digital drawing done on my Wacom tablet before my computer stopped working. That reminds me I must get it fixed……

Sketcher Free


I’ve got a new tablet and I’ve merrily been uploading some of the apps I used to use. This one was called sketcher free. I played with the various pens in the app and tried to create something a bit more abstract to how I normally draw.

I was also trying out different colours, vaguely graffitiish if that’s a word! Its exciting to experiment with art.

Drawing Jupiter

I do like drawing and painting planetsUntitled60_003

This was drawn in ArtRage oils. I used the dry brush and metallic setting for it except for the moon where I turned the metallic option off. You can’t paint smoothly with it but you can get an impression of what you want to depict. The largest brush size is the size of the moons shadow, so to build up the background you have to shade backwards and forwards to cover the whole picture. This is glorified finger painting!

You will notice the top left corner is lighter than the bottom right. That is because the app is set up to have graduated shading across the picture. There is some difficulty drawing accurately on a screen with your finger, especially when the surface is apparently fluid. The result is the moon in the bottom right corner does not look quite right. The image is imagined, not taken from a photo. The moon is not identifiable but would be one of the four seen by Galileo. (the four biggest), (no I can’t remember their names!)