Series of digital finger paintings and photo edit to show how I created the eye drawing in my last post. I used artrage oils to start, then a flood fill in rainbow colours and a black pen and black flood fill in my sketch app. Finally added the texture with a style then grime option in Photodirector.

Relaxed Cat

Relaxed Cat, digital drawing on ArtRage. Hard to do he kept moving x.

I feel like it could have been drawn in ink or watercolour, and I tried to keep it monochrome but a touch of warmth crept in. I was worried I’d made him look like a sheep dog!

Anyway this outside cat is now so settled he eats food out of my hubby’s hand! He sits between us on the arms of our armchairs perched on a cushion.


I’ve drawn a cat on a window ledge in front of a net curtain, its black and white and drawn with Autodesk Sketcher app and ArtRage app. But when I’ve tried to change the image size wordpress is saying media not found, so this image may not show up on the post… I’m publishing it these what happens…

Another doodle

And now I’ve tried doodling in another app. This is meant to be an Elf? I guess for Christmas. I can draw faces from life and from photos . But from my imagination? I’m out of practice, especially on digital devices. I quite like this, its in the ArtRage app and I like the metallic effect you can get. But again, I’m lacking in knowledge of how it works, I’m not proficient yet.

Does anyone like drawing digitally? Have you got any tips or have I got to go and look at a lot of YouTube videos to learn? I ask because I learn by playing, but then don’t know basic skills like how to use layers in photoshop properly….

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Watering can

Todays Urban sketchers Stoke-on-Trent challenge was ‘metallic.

I decided to draw our zinc watering can that hubby has kindly left in the middle of the living room floor after watering the plants infant of our house.

I decided to draw in my Artrage app as I don’t use it often enough. Its the pro version so you have lots of tools, including pastel, pen, brush, a roller, and lots more. It took a while to get used to it. Because it has metallic colours it meant I could get some interesting effects on the can, and there are also settings so i gave the background surface a canvas look.


A few recent adventures in digital art. Trying for something a bit different to what I normally do.

Why? Its easy to say “because I can”. I’d rather say ” because its interesting” or “because I’m learning from my mistakes”.

What is the audience? Well, people viewing my page, also in this case my Facebook Art page. Maybe, one day, a wider audience.

Used ArtRage Pro app to draw these and my tablet and stylus.

Ginger swirl

I did this drawing on the ArtRage app. I wanted to create something a bit different, fluid, expressive. Most of my pictures are of black and white cats, but this reminds me of a swirling ice-cream, perhaps ginger and vanilla, or caramel and white salt.

Signature.. sometimes I use my full name, but for years I’ve also called myself cmb, which I like because it also stands for cosmic microwave background..but that’s another story.