Oh it’s just a doodle of blue birds on a green background. My ears are doing strange things, I just heard a song from the TV suddenly very loud in my left ear. Then I loud whistling. I got distracted so I posted this instead of something more interesting. Anyway you can see my process of drawing in one app then manipulating it in another. Off to stick my head under the shower to try and stop the whistling…


Waiting… Tuesdays #bandofsketchers prompt. Digital finger painting in Artrage app of an owl waiting for prey. . Ready to fly and pounce on a mouse! I decided to do something other than a felt pen drawing. Done while watching Jim and Nancy Moir programme about Owls on Sky Arts TV. ‘Painting Birds with Jim and Nancy Moir’.

Chuffed with a Chough

Artrage app drawing

Watching a TV programme about red beaked choughs. The presenter Jim Moir is painting one in watercolours. I found a watercolour style brush in the Artrage app and did a few layers. It’s made up because I was too busy struggling with this to watch what they actually look like! Also hard to erase where the pens have bled out too much.


Twirling, whirling, swirling.

Artrage app using metallic digital pens and flood fill, then saving the image and adding extra lines to it, then flipping one side so it’s not quite symmetrical. The red and greens are complimentary colours so they stand out against each other where they haven’t blended together.


Series of digital finger paintings and photo edit to show how I created the eye drawing in my last post. I used artrage oils to start, then a flood fill in rainbow colours and a black pen and black flood fill in my sketch app. Finally added the texture with a style then grime option in Photodirector.

Relaxed Cat

Relaxed Cat, digital drawing on ArtRage. Hard to do he kept moving x.

I feel like it could have been drawn in ink or watercolour, and I tried to keep it monochrome but a touch of warmth crept in. I was worried I’d made him look like a sheep dog!

Anyway this outside cat is now so settled he eats food out of my hubby’s hand! He sits between us on the arms of our armchairs perched on a cushion.