Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt green. I did two versions of this, one a drawing, the other filtered through photodirector. I was going to draw vegetation but then I saw a bright green patch of verdigris on a two pence piece. The colour was amazing compared with the old dull coppers.

I had just done a post about coppering up. Finding loose change to spend, which is why I happened to look in the tub of coins so I used them as my inspiration.

Variations, ‘flower power’

I started exploring the symmetry tool on one of my new drawing apps. I had just watched a programme about Saxon art and illumination illustrated in bibles and books, and also the style you sometimes see in stained glass windows. It’s interesting how different filters change the way they look. I feel like the face ended up looking like the Hollywood film star Bette Davis for some reason….

Orange face

Flood fill, low opacity, changes an image I drew a couple of days ago in Artrage. The white patches were created using either the eraser tool or a spray tool (I can’t remember). Adding light to a drawing can make an object look more three dimensional. As if a chink of light has found it’s way in through a gap in a curtained window or a hole in a roof.

Who is she? Could she be from an ancient Celtic tribe, perhaps a Bronze or Iron age person. I might make designs for jewellery for her.