Members collage

This is another group collage that the Orme Art Group did during lock-down. We each did a part of this Picasso painting and then submitted them to one of the group to stitch them together. I can’t remember which bit was mine. It’s interesting because although we were copying from the original you can see different techniques for each artist and also different colours and tones. I really enjoyed doing these collaborations.

Friendly flowers

Nasturtiums like poor soil. They have large seeds about the size of a pea. I think they would be great for children to grow. You can plant them in succession over a few weeks and they first put out tendrils with umbrella shaped leaves. When it rains droplets gather on their leaves. Then in late summer, or early autumn the flowers appear. Trumpet shaped, the flower from pale yellow to deep red, with diffeepatterns and stripes as well as full colour ones. You can eat the spicy leaves and flowers in salads or on cold soups. I think the victorians used to use them as food decorations.

Mural by Joyce Iwaszko

Mural at Fenton Town Hall by an artist called Joyce Iwaszko. It is painted in tiny squares (like pixels) and based on a plate design of an oak tree, cottages and a tumble down fence. I’ve seen it before about two years ago. Now it’s much more complete. It’s a huge picture. Very interesting and beautiful.

Sweet treats

Our #bandofsketchers prompt today was sweet treat in honour of artist Wayne Thiebaud who died recently and who created art based on this theme (he did some beautiful work). Mine is Sweet treats. A bit dodgy because of my shaking arm and I was drawing on the back of a page where ink had bled through. Cup cakes in paper cases with icing and cherries on top…

An angel

One of my first digital drawings. I think I used a paintshop program. The angel was drawn in bright colours. With blue and purple wings. She places a star in the shape of a snowflake on top of a Christmas tree. I think when I created this I was just learning to draw with a mouse and gaining control of it. It was challenging but fun.

Seasons greetings to all my friends. X

Cup of coffee?

Old drawing done on my old tablet. One of the mugs was bought from Amerton. Amerton is a garden centre, craft centre and has a narrow guage or small guage railway running round a field. It also had a play barn, various tourist shops and a bakery.

We don’t know if it’s opened up again now restrictions are being lifted. It’s on the road between Stone and Rugeley in Staffordshire. I’m sure there will be details on the net.

Band of sketchers prompt : Element

Laboratory grown Bismuth crystals, element, Bi is its chemical symbol. Its a metalloid. Today’s prompt was ‘Element’ luckily I have collected all sorts of things over the years.

I’m also starting a thirty day challenge for January with a different group. I need to catch up with the first five days of January…

Full English breakfast


We went out to meet the art group this morning, but after half an hour in the hot sun on our own we went up to theĀ  local cafe. We both ordered full English breakfasts (you get a choice of ingredients, I had egg, tomato, hash browns, bacon, sausage, black pudding and mushrooms. That came with toast. We both had coffee and I had an orange juice. Not the healthiest food I know, but on the odd occasion its delicious (apologies to vegetarian friends). I appreciated not having to cook in this heat. After the meal we went and waited for our friends again but they never arrived. So we came home.