5 years ago


Five years ago I had been part of an online art group called Sketchfu. It was a large site and I was one of the moderators. It had a simple drawing programme with five sizes of pens, a colour picker, 50 or 60 colours and opacity controls. And yet people were creating art, drawings, enjoying the thrill of sharing their art work. It was like a small WordPress for artists.

Then it all went wrong. The owners became less available. More text was being published as younger contributors got interested in writing blogs instead of drawing. The moderators were not told about what was going on and the owners started promoting a new site. Eventually it was announced the old sketchfu site would close.

On that day I lost a lot of friendsĀ  I managed to keep a few. They are still around even 5 years later but I do miss all those others I met online.


2007 digital drawings…

I’ve been doing digital drawings for over 10 years now, here are some from then. I can’t remember what platform I was using, but I think it may have been Sketchfu which is now defunct.

I was a moderator there for several years and it could be quite hard work sometimes. Trying to prevent people upsetting each other, banning trolls, and deleting rude or racist comments. I had to be very diplomatic. I was also moderating another site at the time, so it took up a lot of spare time.

Even so I drew thousands of drawings on both sites. I just can’t help drawing, and I’m very interested in all sorts of art styles.

I would like to find another site to draw at, drawing in apps is OK but you can’t spark off what other people are doing. The camaraderie of drawing with other artists, doing drawing challenges, and drawing to a theme is what I was really interested in.

I downloaded a lot if the drawings and if I can access some of them I will post more here.