My mona


I drew this at sketchfu about eight years ago. It is simply drawn with vasious circular brushes. Different sizes, a palette of colours, different opacity and transparency and an eraser.

I was looking at a post on Facebook by portrait artists. They thought digital art was just taking a picture in Photoshop and using filters to make it look like a drawing. I don’t think they understood the hours it takes to do something like this. It’s not brilliant, but it was difficult.


LOTR drawings

About ten years ago I was doing a lot of drawings at sketchfu. I did a series of drawings there of the Lord of the Rings characters. These are three of them. I also drew one of Gandalf, but I can’t find it on my camera roll.

Digital portraits. I’m hoping when I get a new wacom tablet I will be able to do more art like this.

Still struggling with the online course I’m doing, I’ve had a few problems today. I had to download a fix for something and ended up in a mess. I sorted it out but it cost me time to download what I needed. If only computers were simple.


Old film stars


Tyrone Power, a portrait I did of him at an old website called sketchfu about ten years ago. He played Zorro in a fantastic film from the 1940’s? I’m not sure when it was made. I remember watching old westerns when I was a child. They would be on a Saturday matinee on TV. I think that was when there was only one TV channel. Wow, a long time ago. As you can tell, I’m feeling old today. Big birthday coming up!

I loved drawing horses.


Probably drawn around 2011 or 2012. Drawn at sketchfu. There was something very satisfying about being able to draw what you want, and not being constrained by ‘colouring book’ style websites where you add pre selected colours and everyone’s pictures are the same except for the speed you do them. I am on one of those sites, and although it’s good to see what the image turns out to be, it’s really just like painting by numbers, except you can’t go mad and add different colours to jarring effect.

In fact what I might do is buy some painting by numbers kits when all this is over, and fill them in with different colours, just neatly completed, or try and do a time-lapse film of it.


I’m sure other artists have already thought of this….




Digital drawing of Partick Stewart as captain Picard from Star Trek. Drawn on the sketchfu app a few years ago. I was quite pleased with the result.

I’m currently watching Partick Stewart read Shakespeare’s sonnets on Instagram. He is reading them from lockdown, and I think he is on sonnet 54.

I love his voice, it is so impressive, I think it has ‘gravitas’ and he has a thoughtful way of putting the words across. When I’ve had a stressful day his reading calms me down.

I do not know the sonnets, I’m hearing them all with a fresh ear. I don’t have expectations of how they should sound. Listening is like a meditation.





I drew this at sketchfu probably about ten years ago. I’d drawn the orange and green pattern first, and then added the gecko afterwards. I love the idea of camouflage. I can’t remember if I made the lizard up or if I used an image of one from somewhere. If I did I would have modified the colours.

One problem with sketchfu was the way the colour laid down on the screen. Different drawing apps work differently. With sketchfu what happened was that if you did not have the pens on full opacity you got a slightly fuzzy effect. Imagine if you had an old felt pen. The colour is fading and the nib is a bit frayed. That’s what the effect of the pens on the digital app was like.

I hope you like my dinky little gecko.


Digital art

About seven years ago I was doing digital drawings regularly at a website called sketchfu which closed down. I had a notification on my Facebook page because my drawing of Amy Winehouse popped up on my memories. I thought I would put some of these on here.

These were drawn with simple tools, no layers or filters. Just five different sized pens, a colour picker, a pallette, an eraser and opacity and transparency options. I’m sad it closed because it was somewhere I could share my art and enjoy the community of fellow artists.


Old digital drawing


Ten years ago or so I drew this at sketchfu. It’s an astronomer and a sort of face. I wonder sometimes where I get my ideas from. I enjoy astronomy programmes but I guess this started out as a doodle and then I embellished it. This was what I was talking about when I said about being experimental in a previous post, this isn’t controlled. I didn’t have to use ellipses or straight lines. I was not constrained by any rules.

I have a deviant art account and I used to draw in photoshop and post the results there. I might go back to doing that. Using a phone is simple, but it’s limited.

I have drawn so much in my life. I want to continue….

Mask for today?


Digital drawing I did at the now defunct sketchfu web site, several years ago now. I called it owl mask, which is what it is. The site got too popular and the owners couldn’t afford to keep it going. I have lots of art from there and other websites. Luckily I saved a lot before it closed.

These days there seems to be less freedom, more colouring in images that someone else has drawn, for instance. Less chances to do different styles and ideas.

I think it’s also because of the ubiquitous play stores. It seems hard to find pure drawing websites that aren’t about gaming. Why aren’t more ideas are allowed. It’s hard to know what is going on.

Keep drawing, stay safe.


Spock drawing


A few years ago I was on a website called Sketchfu which eventually closed

It had very simple tools to draw with but I enjoyed drawing all sorts of portraits, including Lord of the Rings characters. I put a lot of them on here a year ago. But my favourite is Spock from the original Star Trek series. He was not easy to draw but I think I got a good representation. The little pink face in the background was the icon for Sketchfu. I do miss it. It was a great site but it was difficult to communicate with the site owners even though I was a Moderator on there. I can’t believe how long it is since it closed.