Eye see

Eye see you looking out at me. What are you? A mishmash? A chimera….

An ape or monkey? Imagined monster, alien symbol.

Is that a volcano or a scientific flask full of acid. How were you created. Are you a figment?

Have you got whiskers or a moustache? Close set eyes stare back. A mythological owl.

Do those eyes hide a soul, will you start to howl? A dark night could hide you, are you foul or fowl?

Artrage face

Abstract face finger painted with the Artrage app on my phone. I like the way the different brushes and changing the roughness of the surface and grain size gives it a real textured surface. I added lines on the eyes and mouth rising a roller tool that left a line if you dabbed your finger on the surface of the phone. I also added spirals on the edges of the picture, I was trying to make it look like material. If you turn the pen up to 100% metallic the colours get darker.

Got new Glitter pens

Experimenting with new felt pens

Doodling on cartridge paper which was a nice surface to draw on. I’m using a different sketchbook and got some new glittery felt pens. Unfortunately the sparkle is not very strong. I then added black liner pen and some gold pen. I almost added a face to this, but left it as finished. However if I can add it digitally as a background I might have a go at drawing over it in a digital app……


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was ‘mol’ I did an abstract art idea of ‘mol’-ecules… Hubby criticised it for not being accurate! I tried to explain that I wanted to make it look like a thing with movement with ‘electrons’ and sub atomic particles whizzing around…


I’m tired after painting yesterday, but I might do something later. I decided to crop a picture I did a while ago. I like using geometric pattern and chaotic lines to create something different. Halfway between graffiti and a crystalline structure. One of the things about art is meaning. Often you have a long explanation next to a piece of art. However I do think art should speak for itself. Possibly I’m not intellectual enough to write a story about urban decay to explain this but, you know, it’s a doodle…. Maybe it indicates confusion. X


I asked about ideas and my friend sent me this photo of an abstracted idea of Robin Hoods Bay in Yorkshire. It features stone block walls, terracotta tiles, blue sea and sky and a few seagulls. It’s only about 4 inches square on a little canvas. I used bright colours and strong lines to make it more graphic. There are strong outlines so it could almost be a jigsaw. It’s hard to find a balance between abstraction and realism. I stylised the smoke and the sparkles on the sea. The windows seem to float above the surface of the stone, and I’ve used white highlights to hold it together. I think it was a success.


I’m playing with oil colours in Artrage. I wanted to create a geological, rocky sort of image, like a slab of slate. Then I decided to split it into a collage, like five pieces of cake. It was interesting to create an abstract pattern, and I love the blues and reds as they smudged together. If I had oil paints I would try and recreate this as a real painting. I don’t know how I would do it though.