Two clicks and a crop

My earlier ‘hope’ drawing with one lot of added texture, a smudge of gundge, then cropped to cut out my writing at the top. It’s amazing how quickly you can change something by just altering them slightly in an app. In this case I used photodirector. It’s OK, some of the stuff on it is too advanced for what I want, but I just use the simple stuff that’s free. What I don’t like is how a lot of art sites charge a monthly fee instead of letting you buy a package like you could in the past. Over time it adds up, and I can’t afford that.

Sun and moon

I’ve copied a photo of a sun and moon painting, then duplicated them and because they were a bit fuzzy I added a stylized filter to them. I can imagine these as tiles in a courtyard or something like that. As usual I was playing with pattern. These were painted in 2014 and I gave these as gifts to my friends daughter when she went away to college. I’m thinking of doing a whole series of astrological style images to see what I come up with for fun. X


Photo of my eye duplicated then edited in photodirector. Using a brush tool and a style tool. It might not be pretty but I hope it is interesting. I could imagine turning it into a print. The more I play, the more I learn. I like the colours, the shading, the contrast of marks even though they are created by an algorithm. To me it’s fun.