Spooky self portrait

Late night self portrait. Playing with filters on photodirector and Instagram. Trying to get the exposure right so it was dark enough but the highlights on my eyes, nose and mouth stood out. It looks almost wooden, like a ventriloquists dummy. I could have looked out from the photo but I think that would have creeped me out more!

Alien plant?

Not a Triffid, more mobile and intelligent. The plants are spreading. Faster than a bird in flight. Trapping creatures and absorbing them. Think intelligent pitcher plant. The larger they grow the bigger their prey. Human victims have been caught out in the open, trapped in cars, trains and buses. Now the plants are surrounding our homes. Green walls with sinister intentions.

Against it? Nothing at the moment. Television and satellite signals have been cut. All countries are separate. Where the climate is warming the aliens grow faster. Only in the far north and south are possibilities of a fight back. Who will survive?

Could you knit this?

More playing with pattern. I used a mosaic tool on this so it looks a bit like tapestry. I could imagine it stitched as a cross stitch pattern but it’s very complicated. I see butterflies and moths in it. Maybe even bats and little vampires? It’s fun making up patterns, playing with colours, adding shapes and variations. I changed the hues on this a few times before deciding on this blue, yellow and purple pattern.

Turned the whirlpool into a seashell.


I tried to change the whirlpool into a seashell… Then I added gold glitter kiss paint. It looks like sand. I put it through the photo director app , there is a way of creating bits flying off the picture. In the animation it looks like the seashell is under water, the bits coming off look like they are floating. Totally randomĀ  result. I wish I could share it here, but it’s on my Instagram account. X


Guarding, guiding, helping, supporting.

Angels are (or not) mythical creatures, usually male. They fall into various types, angels and arch angels. Seraphim and cherubim. There are beautiful illustrations of them in icon paintings and renaissance art. I wish I knew more about the art and design of them in variousĀ  ancient churches. There are fallen angels which are represented in films. I feel attracted to the complex art that is created around them. The photos above play with the idea and I have tried to manipulate them to look like stained glass windows.