Spirals clouds or scales?

Your choice. Multiplied image initially drawn in black ink pen, then I added black grey and pale brown shading to give the effect of layers of paper. Finally I twisted each section in my layout app to create a symmetrical pattern. Having done work on my MA based on dragons and Asian art can’t help feeling that a dragon may emerge. I would have to add a layer on to create this. Something to experiment with.

And then there’s faces

Digital drawing I did six years ago. I think in the sketcher free app and then I used the layout app on my phone. I’ve tried several art apps but I can’t keep all of them on my phone because I still haven’t increased the memory on it. I don’t want to lose my images if they get deleted by accident. I could imagine this being a tapestry or embroidery.


Two views of a hill in Rode Hall. One turned upside down to make it look like a reflection in a lake. The white in the grass on the photo is a carpet of tiny snowdrops. I got such a lot out of going out, although I was surrounded by a lot of people which made me quite nervous. I’m glad we went. It was a spur of the moment thing after seeing a video about it on Facebook.


Digital manipulation of paving blocks. The colours are from water and green algae on the blocks. The perspective of them means that because I have mirrored them both side to side and up and down there appears to be a bulge in the centre of the picture. I again used the Layout app that comes with Instagram to do the mirroring.

Painting or photo?

Changing this
To this

By mirroring, changing texture, changing the colour and adding lens flare you can get a whole different, if artificial, landscape. I’m not sure I have made it look natural, I wanted to make it look like I had used a paintbrush and oil paints, but the lens flare is perhaps too sharp. Maybe I should put it through another filter or have I gone far enough.

Tree art

Capturing tree abstract ideas today. I saw a wonderful silhouetted tree on my slow, short walk this afternoon. Looking at the world is important. You have a chance to see things that you wouldn’t if you just stay home. But getting out is not always simple.

Life can get in the way. My knees ache now. But I’m glad we went. The air was clear and cold. I enjoyed walking and Ben managed a short bit of uphill walking.

Reflected sky

I love doing this, mirroring a sky in layout app so it looks like the sky has been reflected in a calm sea or lake. I should try and draw on it to attempt to make the lower part look like real water. Possibly by adding slight wavelets or sparkling reflections. This was today’s sunset as the hill being our house was silhouetted by the growing dark.