Eye see

Eye see you looking out at me. What are you? A mishmash? A chimera….

An ape or monkey? Imagined monster, alien symbol.

Is that a volcano or a scientific flask full of acid. How were you created. Are you a figment?

Have you got whiskers or a moustache? Close set eyes stare back. A mythological owl.

Do those eyes hide a soul, will you start to howl? A dark night could hide you, are you foul or fowl?

Variations, ‘flower power’

I started exploring the symmetry tool on one of my new drawing apps. I had just watched a programme about Saxon art and illumination illustrated in bibles and books, and also the style you sometimes see in stained glass windows. It’s interesting how different filters change the way they look. I feel like the face ended up looking like the Hollywood film star Bette Davis for some reason….

Coffee pot collage

Dragons on coffee pots, well one pot, but I was playing with pattern. It was my parents, part of a wedding present I think. It was left to one of my sisters and I took photos last year as part of my final major project for college. I’m not sure if it’s beautiful or ugly, it’s certainly interesting. When you play with images like this you have to choose a favourite. I will rotate the images four times to see which is the best aesthetically, but I do like this one.


Step through the portal and walk into another time, another continent perhaps?

That was the challenge she faced one night on the way home from visiting friends. The dark was split by a hole or tunnel glowing with blue white light and paved with what appeared to be stone. A gentle voice emanated from the apparition. ‘Choose your destiny’ it whispered, ‘travel in the fourth dimension to wherever you wish’.

She thought about it. Gift or curse?, ‘One Question’, she asked. ‘Can I return back to here, to now?’ ‘I cannot answer your question’ said the voice. ‘That would depend on if this time continuum continues in its present condition’.

‘Nah!’ she said, ‘not a chance’, and walked away…

Reflected snow

A symmetrical photo created by flipping a photo upside down. The main mass of leaves is a holly bush we have grown in the garden. It’s a bit like a parasol as we have cut off a lot of the lower branches. I like how the resulting photo looks like an insect on its side. I have a brain that likes pareidolia (when you see creatures or faces in shapes). If I was to turn the photo through 90° it might look like a moth?

Alien sky

Have I posted this before? By twisting an image by 90° and mirroring it you can get some strange effects. The lines on here are Street lamps going off into the distance. The light behind the clouds give it an alien appearance, what sort of atmosphere could it be. I can also see strange figures in the sky. Possibly faces? A bit of pareidolia? Symmetry does odd things….