Paper cutting

I usually do some paper cut snowflakes around Christmas, you can get quite a good snowflake effect if you cut paper up after folding it into six equal pieces like slices of a pie.

But I was bored this morning and had an old sheet of cartridge paper, not too thick, which was a bit dirty on one side. So I got my scissors out, folded it into 8 pieces and started cutting curves.

Then I thought about presenting it. I placed it on to my rag rug to get an interesting background. I also placed it on a brown slatted chair, the draining board, and held it up so it reflected off the glass in our back door.

Duplicating the images was done in Layout, an app that allows you to twist and shape your pictures. The folds in the paper add to the effect with shading and shadows adding to the 3 d effect.  Finally I put the pictures on instagram using a few of the filters on that site. I like the resulting patterns which are very symmetrical .

Playing with photos


My friend Tim sent me this photo, I think it’s in the Yorkshire sculpture park. I could not resist turning it into a symmetrical pattern. I use an app called layout that allows you to turn and flip photos. I tried the picture in various orientations but this was my favourite and I felt it was the best looking.

I just feel so in contact with the Earth and summer when I see a landscape like this. The umbelliforous flowers in the foreground remind me of the bubbles in a champagne glass. The sculpture is not the focus of the photo, it seems almost to merge into the back ground trees.

I hope Tim forgives me for using his image.