Eye see

Eye see you looking out at me. What are you? A mishmash? A chimera….

An ape or monkey? Imagined monster, alien symbol.

Is that a volcano or a scientific flask full of acid. How were you created. Are you a figment?

Have you got whiskers or a moustache? Close set eyes stare back. A mythological owl.

Do those eyes hide a soul, will you start to howl? A dark night could hide you, are you foul or fowl?

Add a little dragon

I’m trying to collate all my dragon images for my college project. I keep finding them in different files and places. I need too take good photos of my art so that I can produce good quality images for it. I was trying to create a middle ages design. More snake like than the more modern style of dragon you can find. Even though they are mythical they seem to evolve! Now I need to do more research into the history of dragons and their symbolic meanings.

From the 80’s

An oil painting on board I did sometime in the 1980’s. It’s a sort of combination of a Pegasus/Unicorn which also breathes the wind. It’s semi abstract with a feeling of being stained glass. I would have liked to have actually made it, if it was possible. It’s quite small, about 12″ by 16″, the colours are quite muted. I love the fun of experimenting with painting. I like the idea of making an amalgamation of creatures.

Doodled dragon

I’m still drawing dragons

Their appearance intrigues me. How do they not burn up from inside? They must have strong guts or lungs. If they belch do they singe their eyebrows? Silly things like how many legs do they have, two like a bird, or four like a lizard? If they have wings too does that make them an insect? So many questions, how long is their tail and is it prehensile? How big are their wings and how do they keep aloft if they don’t have hollow bones like a bird….

Anyway they are mythical and magical so I don’t suppose any of these questions matter.


You are strong and ethereal, the light glints on your skin, like a dolphin, sleek, slipping through the waters, twisting coral and seaweed in your hair.

Siren songs, calling out to passing boats and ships, but ignored as diesel engines drown your subtle music. You have lost your sisters to giant nets, trawled from their watery beds by fishermen that know no better.

Mystery surrounds you, mystic, mythological, mesmerising. No soft fairy story of prince’s and princesses. You are more powerful, a trident carrying warrior.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was idyllic. Today I was sitting feeling sorry for myself, then my hubby asked me to draw a seahorse like I had drawn on the beach last week. So today’s drawing is a Seahorse from my imagination, it would be idyllic to see a mythological beast like this. Used an old black felt pen because it gave nice soft lines…



I drew this a couple of years ago. I was trying to find something magical but not the usual Halloween images of pumpkins or spiders webs. The story of the phoenix rebirth from fire is quite ancient. There was a children’s programme in the 1970’s that had a phoenix at the heart of it. I remember it being quite badly done because it was before CGI, but I think I enjoyed it. Perhaps it was on at Sunday tea time? It was in the era before children got their own TV channels. I don’t remember much more about it.