Doodled dragon

I’m still drawing dragons

Their appearance intrigues me. How do they not burn up from inside? They must have strong guts or lungs. If they belch do they singe their eyebrows? Silly things like how many legs do they have, two like a bird, or four like a lizard? If they have wings too does that make them an insect? So many questions, how long is their tail and is it prehensile? How big are their wings and how do they keep aloft if they don’t have hollow bones like a bird….

Anyway they are mythical and magical so I don’t suppose any of these questions matter.

2 thoughts on “Doodled dragon

  1. Your post inspired me to read up on dragons a little. It’s interesting that so many cultures across the world have dragons in their mythology, independently. The dragon must exist as something special in the collective human psyche.

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