Bust doodle

Doodle in gold and silver pen. Originally a contoured drawing in three quarter position, I added chequered squares to fill in the spaces. That left the image surrounded by blank paper, so I added silver triangles. The gold ink had covered some of the original drawing so I added black pen shadows. I thought this was a fun idea.


This drawing is another meditation. As I spiralled around drawing complex patterns I thought about aspects of mine and my siblings life. By thinking about her as I drew I could concentrate without getting too upset. I let myself think about how things could be different, and that she may have been spared. I don’t know if it was a comfort but I had been watching a programme about quantum entanglement and the possible multiverse. I am not an astrophysicist and I have no idea if this theory would have any effect on variations of people/places/times, but it gave me a little strange comfort.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was town. Well, as I haven’t been out much I decided to imagine a town scape. It’s on a river and is hilly, so the main buildings are on a high street backing on to the river and the smaller buildings and houses are on the sides of the tree lined hills. Fine line pen with felt pen drawing over the top.


Today’s #bandofsketchers prompt was Motion. This is my motion drawing, I visited Etruria Industrial Museum at the weekend and saw the Princess steam engine running. This is based on a photo but not copied from it. I have tried to remember how it was set up, I’ve also tried to use lines to indicate blurred motion.